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Sweet potatos, eggs and brown rice are just some of many nutritious food items one can purchase on a limited budget. Following is a list of ten things that aren't only cheap, but are very good for your health. Information found on

Brown Rice
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To make white rice, many nutrients are removed. The process for brown rice leaves many of these nutrients untouched. Brown rice has more fiber and zinc. It also only cost 10 cents per 1/4 cup.

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Not only are beans incredibly cheap, but they keep the heart healthy. Beans have a lot of fiber and protein, which means more energy over time. Even prepared and canned they only cost 50 cents per serving.

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Though eggs have received a bad review of health in the past, they provide 11 percent of the recommended daily allowance of protein. Eggs cost about $1.50 a dozen, which is about 13 cents an egg.

Sweet Potatoes
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A common staple at Thanksgiving dinner, sweet potatoes can be consumed all year long. Sweet potatoes have calcium, potassium, fiber and vitamins A and C. A sweet potatoes costs about 95 cents each.

Canned Tuna
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Fish promotes healthiness in the heart and brain. At about 62 cents a can, tuna is a great alternative to more expensive cuts of fish.

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Not only are banas highly nutritious, but at 40 cents each, they are very affordable and come in a portable, easy to open package.

Whole Wheat Pasta
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With three times as much fiber as other pastas, whole wheat pasta reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It leaves you feeling full for much longer too (reducing the temptation to overeat). Whole Wheat pasta costs about 28 cents per serving.

Frozen Vegetables
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For those who don't have the resources to grow their own garden, frozen vegetables is the best way to go. Frozen vegetables last for months and costs about 25 cents each serving.

Canned Tomatos
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Tomatoes allow your body to absorb nutrients. They also are a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Canned tomatoes only cost about 28 cents per serving.

Flank Steak
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Leaner cuts of meats contain less saturated fats but still have significant amounts of iron, zinc and protein. In order to reduce the flank steak's toughness, marinate it overnight. Flank steaks are much cheaper than more expensive cuts and if prepared properly, the difference is negligible.