Lennox McLendon, Associated Press

The conveniences of modern technology seem to enforce a non-stop workforce in many companies.

However, at least six companies in Utah have held on to respecting work-life balance.

Following is a list of the top 25 companies around the world for work-life balance in 2012, according to Glassdoor.

Glassdoor is a site that employers or those looking for a job can use to find detailed information about specific jobs.

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Lennox McLendon, Associated Press

Work-life balance rating: 4.1

Industry: architectural and engineering services

Though it's headquarters are in Irving, TX, its company spans worldwide with more than 43,000 employees, according to Glassdoor.

Great employee benefits and Friday's off for most employees helped boost work-life ratings at this Fortune 500 company.

Glassdoor's rating system is on a 5-point system, 1 is "very dissatisfied", 3 means "okay" and 5 means the employees are "very satisfied."

W.L. Gore and Associates, INC.
PressReleaseFinder via Flickr.com

Work-life balance rating: 4.1

Industry: Textile manufacturing

Gore's fluoropolymer products provide ways to create next-generation electronics.

Gore has repeatedly been listed in Fortune magazine's "100 best companies to work for" in the United States. Employees continually expressed a good work-life balance with a family-friendly culture found at Gore.

Charles Rex Arbogast, Associated Press

Work-life balance rating: 4.1

Industry: Engineering, Scientific and CAD/CAM software

Navteq produces quality data-filled maps. These maps powered Europe's first luxury car navigation system in 1995, according to the Navteq website.

Navteq provides flexible work hours, which allows great work-life balance.

Glassdoor's report is based on at least 20 approved company reviews.

Bain & Company
andrewarchy via flickr.com

Work-life balance rating: 4.1

Industry: Consulting Services

Bain & Company is one of the top business consulting firms in the world. The company offers advice about technology, strategy, operations and other critical issues.

Bain & Company has been listed as one of the best companies to work for by Forbes magazine, Glassdoor, Consulting Magazine, Human Rights Campaign, and others.

Edison International
Ric Francis, Associated Press

Work-life balance rating: 4.1

Industry: Fossil fuel power generation

Edison International is an independent power producer for electric power generation facilities.

Currently, they have a wind energy project in Utah along with 10 other states across the nation.

The company's employees gave Edison International 4.5 stars out of five in their reviews.

The top companies were chosen from employees that participated in an online company review survey, according to Glassdoor.

Hitachi Data Systems
tempofeng via flickr.com

Work-life balance rating: 4.2

Industry: Information technology services

Hitachi Data Systems organizes data for various companies making the information simpler and more accessible.

Hitachi Data Systems was also named one of Fortune magazine's "100 best places to work for." This company has great trust, sincerity and fairness for their employees, according to Glassdoor.

Citrix Systems
jamesey_b via flickr.com

Work-life balance rating: 4.2

Industry: Networking and connectivity software

"Citrix provides innovative virtual computing solutions that empower people to share information and ideas more effectively - anywhere, anytime and on any platform," according to Glassdoor.com

Citrix's motto is "we believe that your work and your personal life are not mutually exclusive," according to the company's website. As long as the work is done, work at Citrix can be done from home.

Employers comments of the pros and cons of various companies provided Glassdoor with data for this survey.

Courtesy of Wayfair.com

Work-life balance rating: 4.2

Industry: Home furniture and housewares stores

"Wayfair is the largest online-only retailer of home furnishing in housewares in the United States," according to Glassdoor.

Besides 6 other worldwide places, Wayfair is in Ogden, Utah.

Wayfair provides good benefits such as 401k, health and dental to help as well as being flexible when life gets in the middle of work, according to employees at Glassdoor.

M. Spencer Green, Associated Press

Work-life balance rating: 4.2

Industry: Information collection and delivery

Morningstar provides information about stocks, mutual funds and other similar channels for more than 385,000 investment offerings.

From 2008 to 2009, Morningstar made the "101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in Chicago" from the 101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work for magazine.

"In today's highly connected world, striving for work-life balance can feel virtually impossible given greater access to our jobs around the clock," said Rusty Rueff, Glassdoor career and workplace expert, who ran global HR departments at Electronic Arts and PepsiCo before coauthoring "Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business.

Charlie Riedel, Associated Press

Work-life balance rating: 4.2

Industry: Credit cards

Discover has more than 50 million cardmembers, according to the Discover website.

Utah has two Discover organizations - one in West Valley City and the other in Salt Lake City.

The company provides employees with a gym and a laid back work schedule that doesn't require overtime, according to one employee on Glassdoor.

Slalom Consulting
Courtesy of Slalom.com

Work-life balance rating: 4.2

Industry: Consulting services

Slalom Consulting is the pioneer of national network of local offices. The company brings business and technology proficiency to one area, enhancing customer experience and employee productivity and performance according to Glassdoor.

Out of the 135 employees that rated Slalom Consulting, 72 were "very satisfied" on the company rating distribution graph.

The final ranking of each company was made after a 12-month period for Glassdoor's survey.

Susquehanna International Group
Courtesy of sig.com

Work-life balance rating: 4.2

Industry: Financial services

Susquehanna International Group is a global quantitative trading firm, where profitable trades happen in uncertain markets, according to the companies website.

The company often offers free breakfast and lunch as well as unlimited sick days, according to the employees' reviews on Glassdoor.

Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

Work-life balance rating: 4.2

Industry: Networking and connectivity software

Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Novell creates software for the work place that are more secure and manageable, according to the website.

The conveniences of an on-site gym, bank and cafeteria helped Novell make Glassdoor's list.

"Companies that make sincere efforts to recognize employees' lives outside of the office will often see the pay off when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent," said Rueff.

M. Spencer Green, Associated Press

Work-life balance rating: 4.2

Industry: Travel agency and services

Orbitz provides innovative technology to help with travel plans for leisure or business trips.

Discounts in travel add perks to the work-life balance for many employees at Orbitz.

Rackspace Hosting
Scott Beale via Flickr.com

Work-life balance rating: 4.3

Industry: Managed application and network services

Rackspace leads and specializes in cloud computing, managing over 59,000 servers around Europe, Asia and North America, according to Glassdoor.

A relaxed atmosphere at work helps keep the employees at Rackspace Hosting satisfied.

This is the second year in a row that Glassdoor has conducted this survey.

United Space Alliance
Reed Saxon, Associated Press

Work-life balance rating: 4.3

Industry: Aircraft maintenance and repair

United Space Alliance works hard at providing a space operations with safe, high-quality and best-value services and technologies, according to their website.

The company gave a flexible schedule to work around the family or college. They also reimbursed tuition costs, according to one employee's review on Glassdoor.

drxiv via flickr.com

Work-life balance rating: 4.3

Industry: Financial services

FactSet provides marketing analytics for global markets, public and private companies. It also provides financial screening, and customized analytics and data, according to their website.

The location of FactSet's company as well as flexible hours and free food provide a good workplace for employees.

Employees can also give ratings for career opportunities, compensation and benefits, senior leadership and culture and values on Glassdoor.

Tony Avelar, Associated Press

Work-life balance rating: 4.3

Industry: Internet content provider

LinkedIn provides online networking. People can get connected with past, present and future employers.

Out of the 112 employees that gave the company a rating, only seven said they were "very dissatisfied, where as 60 employees said they were very satisfied working at LinkedIn.

National Instruments
sam_shearman via flickr.com

Work-life balance rating: 4.3

Industry: Electronic test and measurement instruments manufacturing

National Instruments' "graphical system design approach provides an integrated software and hardware platform that simplifies development of any system that needs measurement and control."

Utah's sales representatives for National Instrument are located in Bountiful and Layton, Utah.

This is the second time the company has made Glassdoor's top 25 for work-life balance list. Other companies that made the list a second time includes FactSet, United Space Alliance, Susquehanna International Group, Slalom Consulting and Morningstar, according to Glassdoor's report.

Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

Work-life balance rating: 4.3

Industry: Sporting Goods

REI provides sporting equipment in most states. They also provide classes and trips for lovers of the outdoors.

In Utah, REI is located in Sandy and Salt Lake City.

REI allows employees to work in departments of their outdoor interests, making the workforce more laid-back and fun for many employees.

niallkennedy via flickr.com

Work-life balance rating: 4.4

Industry: Online staffing and recruitment services

Careerbuilder helps people find jobs, and employers advertize their workforce.

One employee expressed the helpfulness of military liency that Careerbuilder offered.

Companies that have invested in a balanced and healthy lifestyle made the list.

courtesy of sas.com

Work-life balance rating: 4.4

Industry: Business intelligence software

"SAS helps organizations anticipate and optimize business," according to the website. They provide fact-based decisions through data about customers and performance, the website said.

SAS provides great benefits and even takes care of remote employees, according to one employee review on Glassdoor.

Agilent Technologies
Paul Sakuma, Associated Press

Work-life balance rating: 4.4

Industry: Electronic test and measurement instruments manufacturing

Agilent Technologies provides measurement database to help companies ensure the quality of their products.

According to the employee reviews, Agilent Technologies values family life providing a great work-life balance.

This year, many technology companies were represented in the top 25 list.

North Highland
Courtesy of northhighland.com

Work-life balance rating: 4.5

Industry: Consulting services

North Highland helps other companies identify solutions that will work by studying the energy and expertise of the company, according their website.

For work-life balance, North Highland received 4.5 stars from their employees and 29 out of 84 employees were "very satisfied" in the workplace.

Courtesy of mitre.org

Work-life balance rating: 4.5

Industry: Scientific research and development services

MITRE is a not-for-profit organization "engaged in scientific and technical activities for various government organizations," according to Glassdoor.

"MITRE employees comment on the high value the company places on work-life balance as shown through flexible schedules, generous paid time off and other great perks like an on-site cafeteria and gym," according to Glassdoor's report.