Here is what Utah offensive coordinator Brian Johnson has to say about the different Ute quarterbacks.

Jordan Wynn (6-2, 208, junior)

"I love Jordan's leadership and what he's bringing to the table. He's a veteran player that's played a lot for us and I'm looking for him to do big things. He's coming back from injury. He looks healthy and it's our job as offensive coaches to put schemes around him to keep him healthy."

Jon Hays (6-0, 208, senior)

"Jon Hays is awesome. He's a pleasure to come out here and work with every single day. He looks so much more confident and comfortable just out here than he did at this time last year. We kind of just threw him to the sharks and he did a nice job ... He's a proven guy that's tough and he fits this program to the 'T.'"

Travis Wilson (6-6, 220, freshman)

"Travis is coming along. He obviously had a great spring and we're looking for bright things to come out of him in the future. He obviously has a ton of potential and a ton of talent and a ton of upside, but it's our job to mold that into a special player. I think he has the ability to be a special player."

Chase Hansen (6-3, 220, freshman)

"Chase is great. He is the epitome of the type of kids that we want to recruit in this program. He does everything right and is very respectful. He's great in the meeting rooms, he's willing to learn, he's smart, he pays attention to detail and he works his tail off. He's a great player and a great leader and I'm excited to see how his career unfolds."

Adam Schulz (6-1, 203, RS freshman)

"He's extremely talented. Physically, he's gifted beyond belief. He can throw the ball. His biggest issue is we've got to get him caught up mentally. In high school he played exclusively in a wing-t offense, so his background isn't as extensive as some of the other guys coming in. So we've just got to get him caught up. He's more than willing to put the work in to become a great player."