11 Johnathan Givony: 'Tonight was unbelievable'

Draftexpress editor Johnathan Givony of wrote: "Had to give Jimmer Fredette a bump in rankings after that. BYU's schedule has been questionable till now. But tonight was unbelievable."

10 ESPN's Bill Simmons: 'Getting his Jimmer on'

Bill Simmons, one of ESPN's most popular columnists, tweeted: "Rumor has it @dmorey is in Provo right now getting his Jimmer on. He's the guy wearing the "Yao Ming's contract is almost over!" t-shirt.

9 Jared Sullinger: 'Jimmer is pure scorer'

Ohio State post player Jared Sullinger, a candidate with Jimmer Fredette for national player of the year Tweeted: "Yooo Jimmer is going off right now. Pure scorer."

8 ESPNU Radio
ESPN Radio

Calling the story "incredible and awesome" with Jimmer Fredette going from folk hero to celebrity, ESPNU radio's Dana O'Neil and Eamonn Brennnan breakdown the Jimmer phenomenon that's caught fire in a lengthy podcast/interview.

Part of poem from Brennan, titled "An Ode to the Jimmer," goes: "You better start guarding him out to half-court, and he might drain a 40-foot shot just for sport.”

7 Derrick Williams: 'Only way you stopping Jimmer is when the game is over'

Derrick Williams, guard for the Arizona Wildcats, who guarded Fredette in December at Energy Solutions Arena, posted to his followers on Twitter: "The only way you stopping Jimmer… is when the game is over."

6 John Wall: 'Fredette is cold. Respect'

Washington Wizard point guard John Wall, candidate for NBA's 2011 Rookie of the Year award and the league's No. 1 draft pick in 2010, tweeted: "Jimmer Fredette is cold #respect"

5 Kelli Anderson, Sports Illustrated, 'A Real Jimmer Dandy'

Kelli Anderson, who penned a feature article on Fredette in the Jan. 31 edition of Sports Illustrated wrote this about the BYU sharpshooter:

"His name is as versatile as his game. It's a noun: An Arizona fan praised the Wildcats' defense for not letting a big-time scorer 'pull a Jimmer.' It's a verb: YOU GOT JIMMERED! read a sign waved in the BYU student section. It's an adjective: 'He was making some Jimmer Fredette threes!' gushed Syracuse's Scoop Jardine about the six bombs Cincinnati's Dion Dixon hit from beyond the arc. Jimmer has several definitions in the Urban Dictionary, including this: One who is in range as soon as he steps off the bus."

4 Andy Katz compares Jimmer to Curry

ESPN's college hoops expert Andy Katz compares Jimmer Fredette to former Davidson star and current Golden State Warrior guard Stephen Curry and discusses BYU's chances for a high NCAA seed.

3 Chad Ford's blog post

Chad Ford is ESPN's expert and NBA insider. Ford posted on his blog after BYU's win over SDSU, he moved Jimmer Fredette from No. 28 up to No. 12 on his Big Board mock NBA draft.

2 Nelly: 'Check out this dude'

Nelly, the famous rap star who has 1 million followers to his Twitter, posted:

"If u like college basketball like me u have to check out this dude name jimmer Fredette from BYU he is definitely the truth!!"

1 Kevin Durant: 'Greatest scorer in the world'

Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant, the NBA's leading scorer, tweeted on Wednesday night: Jimmer Fredette is the greatest scorer in the world!!" That post received multiple featured mentions on SportsCenter and elicited side-by-side comparisons of statistics from Durant and Fredette.