The Utah Jazz only have one pick in this year's NBA Draft. Lucky number 47. Based on recent history, it is hard to say what they'll get with the 47th pick. It's not a new position for the Jazz. They have drafted 47th twice in the last decade, and have picked very talented players both times - and both are highlighted in this list. Drafting in the middle of the second round is always a gamble. A lot of players drafted at 47 have ended up playing in Europe or the D-League. Some have only ever played a couple of minutes in the NBA and others have played for NBA championships. One even has played for a pinball championship. Take a look at some of the best and worst players drafted at the 47th pick.

2011- Travis Leslie

Went to school at Georgia.

Drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers.

Only played 10 games on for the Clippers this year and averaged 1.4 points per game.

Had two stints with the Clippers D-League team, the Bakersfield Jam.

2010 - Tiny Gallon

Went to school at Oklahoma.

Drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Released by the Bucks in October 2010 before ever playing a game in the NBA.

He now plays for the Maine Red Claws, the NBA Development League team affiliated with the Boston Celtics.

2008- Bill Walker

Went to school at Kansas State.

Drafted by the Washington Wizards.

Predicted as a lottery pick, but injured his knee before the draft. Traded to the Boston Celtics on draft day. Played on a couple different D-League teams, including the Utah Flash.

Walker averaged 5.9 points per game this season with the New York Knicks, but in April the Knicks let him go.

2006- Paul Millsap

Went to school at Louisiana Tech.

Drafted by the Utah Jazz.

Paul Millsap has become a leader on the Jazz and one of the NBA's most underrated forwards.

This last season Millsap averaged 16.6 points and 8.8 rebounds per game as a starter.

2003 - Mo Williams

Went to school at Alabama.

Drafted by the Utah Jazz.

The Jazz released Williams after his rookie season. Since then, he started averaging more points and more minutes playing for Milwaukee, then Cleveland. In 2011 Williams was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Williams has averaged 13.8 points per game over his career.

1999 - Todd MacCulloch

Went to school at Washington.

Drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers.

MacCulloch only played 4 seasons in the NBA, but went to the NBA Finals with the New Jersey Nets in 2002. MacCulloch started most of that season for the Nets.

A rare nerve condition forced him to retire from basketball early, but allowed him to chase a new career. MacCulloch became a pinball professional. He has played in tournaments around world and even came in first place in last year's Pinball Expo Flip Out Tournament in Chicago.

MacCulloch told ESPN that he has a harder time with pinball than basketball. "I've found that in pinball tournaments I can't seem to keep those nerves at bay. My heart beats faster, my chest gets tight."

1998 - Tyson Wheeler

Went to school at the University of Rhode Island.

Drafted by the Toronto Raptors.

Tyson Wheeler shot 100 percent from three-point range and only missed one free throw his entire NBA career.

Too bad he only played three minutes of one game for the Denver Nuggets.

Wheeler is now an assistant coach for the Fairfield Stags.

1995 - Tyus Edney

Went to school at UCLA.

Drafted by the Sacramento Kings.

Edney played only four seasons in the NBA. His rookie season ended up being his best.

He played in Europe for a while and became pretty famous. In 2005 the L.A. Times said "Edney's heart and hustle have helped make him one of the most popular players in Europe."

He played on teams all over Europe, including teams in Spain, Italy, and Poland.

1988 - Vernon Maxwell

Went to school at Florida.

Drafted by the Denver Nuggets.

The Nuggets traded Maxwell to the Spurs who later traded him to Houston.

In Houston, Maxwell earned the nickname "Mad Max."

Maxwell was a beast from the three point line and hit many game winning shots. He also is remembered (by one person in particular) for going 12 rows into the stands and punching a fan during a timeout.

He won two championships with the Houston Rockets.

1985 - Gerald Wilkins

Went to school at Tennessee-Chattanooga.

Drafted by the New York Knicks.

Wilkins battled next to Patrick Ewing on the Knicks in the 80s and was their second leading scorer (behind Ewing).

Basketball is in his DNA. Wilkins is the brother of Dominique Wilkins and the father of Damien Wilkins.