Pinterest provides captivating images that many moms want to pin to their collection. Behind some of these images are treasures of good knowledge worth sharing with dads, relatives, and friends in their efforts to become better parents. Here are our top picks 10 for this week:

10 52 things to say to make your child feel great

Heartfelt validation and encouragement make a long-lasting difference in the attitudes and feelings of children. Take a look at these suggested phrases.

9 10 ways to get your kids to love reading

Author Emilie Buchwald says that children are made readers on the laps of their parents,; if you would like to get your kids to enjoy reading more or at least get them to like reading, try the options on this article.

8 15 tips for Raising Kids with a Positive Body Image

It is important to let your kids know what you think of them, but it is also crucial to know what they think of themselves. This can be a helpful tool as you watch your kids grow.

7 When in doubt...

When you are debating whether to choose between your kids and some other pressing life issue, this quote can be an effective reminder of life’s priorities.

6 Money As you Grow

As a complement to our next article, this pin will add more ideas to your list. It contains a list of 25 things your kids need to know to live financially smart lives, the ages they can learn the different skills and activities to use to teach them.

5 Teach your kids to be smart consumers

Teaching your kids at a young age to be wise in their spending is a good parenting skill to acquire or strengthen; here is another chance to take a look at this article.

4 Funny Quote Book

Kids are so spontaneous in their speech, and we just wish we could record that exact moment when they say something funny. Writing down those quotes is a smart way to keep the memories for a lifetime. This pin comes with a free tutorial and printable templates.

3 Chore Dice

If you want to find a way to make chores more fun for your kids, this pin suggests making your own dice. You can make your blocks to have different options such as cleaning days, your kids names, freebies, and so on.

2 Pillow Talk- 20 questions to ask your children at bedtime

Running around all day and don’t have time to chat much with your kids? You can have a productive pillow talk using the ideas behind this pin.

1 10 habits to strengthen your relationship with your child

Virginia Satir mentions that we need four hugs a day for survival, eight hugs a day for maintenance, and 12 hugs a day for growth. This article provides suggestions to stay close to your kids.