Respondents of a Dan Jones & Associates poll weighed in about the following question during a recent canvassing of opinions: "In your opinion, what are the benefits of a more diverse population in Utah?" Related: >> Poll results: Utahns welcome diversity but perceptions don't always match reality >> The changing face of Utah - Are we ready to embrace the future?. >> In our opinion: Series takes needed, critical look at issues posed by Utah's changing demographics

More tolerance

"I think you get increased tolerance when people learn about different cultures and peoples. You get different ideas among people. It makes for a more interesting society."

A broader understanding of different people.

"A broader understanding of different people. The benefits of learning from other cultures. As we do this we can choose the good aspects of all."

A good Mexican restaurant

"Food. Culturally I think it's a good thing. Food, lifestyles, children getting more exposure, and I've lived here my whole life so I think that's a good thing."

A more diverse workforce

"A more diverse work force and more of your lower income jobs filled, so there is diversity across the board. I strongly agree that we need a diverse population, not just one race or religion. It's good for all of us."

Better religious diversity

"I think more religious diversity, more exposure to different types of people for our children and cultural acceptance. Hopefully diversify politics a little bit better."

A more interesting culture, people and society

"Different work ethics, the competition for jobs increases and diversity in entertainment and restaurants makes it a more fun place to live."

Different educational paths

"I think that to learn other people's cultures and respect. So I think it's good education-wise and a wider knowledge of culture and people."


"... I think there is more growth and incentive. I think it's good for children to be exposed to a variety of people."

More educational experiences

"...My boys are learning Spanish in school, so it promoted different educational paths."

Less prejudice

"I think it makes us more culturally aware. It gives our children more exposure to diverse cultures. I think that it creates a more unified attitude towards the whole entire population. It kind of helps even the field as far as making race or ethnicity less of an issue."

Opportunities to speak other languages

"The kids get to know other languages and nationalities."

A good Chinese restaurant

"They bring in talents. There are different cultures that blend in, such as their food, and restaurants. I think many of them have good work ethics."

Creates ingenuity

"I think that it creates ingenuity. It creates new things and brings change and stimulates growth."

Divergent points of view

"Maybe you get more than one point of view on things and a little bit more of a work base, people that are willing to work."

Improvements in arts, culture and language

"Improvements in arts, culture, and language. What makes America great is the diversity."

More flavor to the community

"I think all different cultures can bring different things to the table which, in turn, can make the community a better place for everybody."

Offers businesses an opportunity to diversify themselves

"It creates new ideas, opportunities for new business. It allows people to experience different cultures, maybe an influx of different things from that culture like food, sales items."

Appreciation of people of different races

"Greater tolerance for other races and cultures. Better understanding and I think it will help us in our marketing of our products around the world."

Teaches compassion

"Teaches us compassion. It gives us different points of view and it gives us opportunities to serve them. The diversity expands our experiences."

More open-mindedness

"Exposure to other people and cultures and languages is a good thing. It helps people be more open-minded and less ethnocentric."