These days, a college campus is one of the places you're most likely to see a construction crane. Here are the 10 capital development projects — those that get at least some state funding — currently under way at Utah colleges.

10 Lucy Phillips Building remodel, Snow College

The college’s old library is being converted to a classroom building with the opening of the new Karen H. Huntsman Library. The Phillips building will house 14 classrooms, including two high-tech rooms and an electronic testing center wired by the Utah Education Network.

Price tag: $3.4 million ($1.4 million state funds, $2 million college funds)

Completion date: January 2011

9 Science Center addition, Southern Utah University

SUU needed a new building with adequate lab space as its enrollment nearly doubled in recent years to more than 8,000 students. More than 20 percent of its students study in the College of Science, boasting the highest percentage of placement in post-graduate programs of any school in the state. The four-story building will add 42,350 square feet of classroom, lab, museum and office space for the biology, chemistry and nursing departments. It takes the place of the old life science building and greenhouse, which was razed in August 2009.

Price tag: $18.9 million ($13.9 million state funds, $5 million university funds)

Completion date: April 2011

8 Instruction/administration building, Salt Lake Community College

The three-story, 136,000-square-foot building at SLCC’s Taylorsville campus is meant to ease crowding from enrollment growth. It includes 43 classrooms, the humanities and social science programs and faculty and administrative offices, as well as a writing center, anthropology and history exhibits and interactive science resource center.

Price tag: $29 million (state funds)

Completion date: January 2013

7 Center for New Media, Salt Lake Community College

The 120,000-square-foot facility at the old South High School will provide new and renovated classroom space for digital media design, applied technology, communication broadcasting, animation, visual and art design, digital technology and performing arts. It will also host partnerships with the Salt Lake City School District’s career and technical education program. The renovation will create 43 new labs and accommodate an additional 7,280 students at the South City campus, including 850 high school students.

Price tag: $37 million ($21.3 million state funds, $9 million college funds, $6.7 million SLC School District)

Completion date: January 2013

6 Science building, Utah Valley University

UVU requested the 160,000-square-foot building to deal with booming enrollment that left it with the fewest square feet of space per student in the state. Building it during the economic downturn dropped costs from the initial estimate of $52 million.

Price tag: $37.5 million (state funds)

Completion date: February 2012

5 College of Agriculture building, Utah State University

The Legislature approved a challenge bond conditional on a $4.5 million earmark secured by former U.S. Sen. Bob Bennett. The building will house three of the college’s six departments: applied economics; plants, soils and climate; and veterinary science. It replaces a 60-year-old building and gives USU’s oldest, original college a new home right across the quad from Old Main.

Price tag: $43 million (state funds)

Completion date: December 2011

4 Jeffrey R. Holland Centennial Commons, Dixie State College

This multi-function, five-story, 165,000-square-foot building is designed to accommodate the school’s rapid growth. It will include a library/digital learning center, student services, classrooms, the English department, IT support and business services.

Price tag: $48 million ($38 million state funds, $10 million donations)

Completion date: July 2012

3 David Eccles School of Business addition, University of Utah

The two-phase project will replace two old buildings. The Madsen building will be demolished and the first segment of the new building will be constructed while faculty and students use the Garff building. Then the Garff building will be demolished while the rest of the new 188,000-square-foot facility is completed.

Price tag: $68 million ($23 million state funds, $45 million donations)

Completion date: June 2013

2 Utah Museum of Natural History, University of Utah

The museum is moving from its old home on President’s Circle to the eastern edge of Research Park. It’s also getting a new name: the Rio Tinto Center. The building will offer hands-on learning for students and visitors; a modern facility to preserve dinosaur bones, rare insects; and prehistoric pottery and tools; and research labs and classrooms.

Price tag: $97 million ($25 million state funds, $16.5 million federal funds, $15 million Salt Lake County bond approved by voters, $40.5 million donations)

Completion date: November 2011

1 James LeVoy Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building, University of Utah

The 200,000-square-foot Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) facility will support research in medicine, pharmacy, engineering, computer science and life sciences. It’s the first of four buildings on the former site of the U.’s golf course, a research complex that will connect Health Sciences on the upper campus and the College of Engineering on the lower campus.

Price tag: $130 million ($100 million state funds, $30 million donations and university revenue bond)

Completion date: December 2011