Father's Day is almost here and that means people will be hitting the stores to find dad a gift. The average consumer will spend $117 on a gift for Dad this year. Here's a list of gifts ideas for your dad, according to askmen.com.

A new barbecue tool

Many American fathers like to grill. This tool goes from being a fork to a spatula to tongs. Dad can use this tool to flip, spike or even grip a piece of meat.

The stake-barbecue tool can be purchased at quirky.com for $29.99.

A membership to a private golf course

If your dad likes to play golf, then why not get him a membership to a private golf club?

Boxgroove has a deal that will give your dad access to almost 7,000 golf courses letting him figure out which course he likes best.

The private golf course membership costs $49 but it can be purchased for $24 at acquire.askmen.com.

Van Halen package

If Dad likes classic rock, he might enjoy the Van Halen deluxe package from Amazon.com.

The package features Van Halen's newest album, released in 2012 entitled "A Different Kind of Truth" and a Van Halen t-shirt.

The costs $46.99 and might be just what Dad wants if he's into classic rock.

A book about everything he loves

The Right Stuff: Interviews With Icons Of The 1960s, James M. Clash goes through 14 interviews with scientists, explorers and athletes from the 50's and 60's.

This book can be purchased at bn.com for $12.99.

Make baby care fun

The Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System is a way to make feeding the baby a little more enjoyable.

This can be purchased for $24.99 at thinkgeek.com.

The perfect shave

Being well groomed can be an important part of Dad's life. Buy him a gift set of products from eShave.com.

This gift set comes with everything from pre-shave oils to razors and costs $127 at acquire.askmen.com.

A new iPad case

Winner of the MacWorld's Best of Show 2011, the Logitech iPad Keyboard Case has a flat base which makes it usable on uneven and soft surfaces.

The Logitech iPad Keyboard Case can be purchased at zagg.com for $99.99.

A new baby carrier

For new dads or dads with young children, the Deuter Kid Comfort III Child Carrier could be the perfect gift.

This gift lets Dad go on backpacking trips but can also be for walks along the lake. As a bonus, babies fall asleep in them frequently.

This can be purchased at rei.com for $299.

A TV series

New dads often find themselves spending more time on the couch. Dads will enjoy this time if they have a TV series to watch.

Season seven of The Office can be purchased online at sites like amazon.com for $23.99.


Dads can often smell like their home and their kids. Getting Dad some cologne will be beneficial for him and for those around him.

Acqua Di Gio cologne can be purchased at 99perfume.com for $79.99.

Help him learn to cook
Niklas Larsson, AP

Some fathers can cook but many struggle at it. Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook: Strategies, Recipes, and Techniques of Classic Bistro Cooking, makes cooking easy and can be purchased at amazon.com for $21.74.

Non-dad jeans

If Dad has the same jeans he did in college, it might be time to help him upgrade a tad.

A.P.C. New Standard Jeans can be purchased at usonline.apc.fr for $175.


A nice pair of cotton pajamas are warm, breathable and a good replacement to the old and tattered ones he's worn for years.

A Woven Long Sleeve Shirt And Pants Set can be purchased at Macy's for $34.65.

A leather-bound journal

Every father has a few stories of things he's done in his life. Getting Dad an Italian leather journal from epica.com costs $85 and it will give Dad the opportunity to reminisce of his favorite moments.

A summer hat

A casual summer hat can be a great gift for an older dad. Fedoras, flat caps and walking caps were popular in his youth and their timeless style will keep him from looking out of date.

A Solid Ivy Cap by Borsalino can be purchased for $145 at barneys.com.

A big button remote

For the father who is a little older, a gift to help him with technology might be a good idea.

An Oversized Universal Remote Control might be just what he needs. The buttons are big and easy to see, making it easy for him to use.

The Oversized Universal Remote Control costs $43.43 at amazon.com.


Dads can use binoculars on a walk in the woods to help him get a better look at whatever catches his eye.

The Gladiator AB10162 Binoculars can be purchased for $49.98 at bestbuy.com.

Space Cowboys
Warner Brothers, AP

For the father who just wants to kick back and relax on the couch while watching TV or a movie, buy him a copy of Space Cowboys on DVD.

The movie is about a group of retired engineers who feel like they've missed out on their dreams of going to space. An emergency arises and they're the only ones who can help.

It only costs $5.75 at amazon.com and it might motivate dad to continue doing the things he loves.

A good looking tie

Dads get ties for Father's Day all the time. How about getting Dad a tie that he'll actually want to wear.

Jack Franklin's slim silk ties are a modern version of the classics and they'll improve his wardrobe.

These ties usually cost $60 but they can be purchased at acquire.askmen.com for $25.

A new leather wallet

Most dads have a wallet, but that doesn't mean it's in good shape. Many dads also love baseball, making a Heritage Baseball Double Billfold wallet a good gift idea.

This wallet can be purchased at coach.com for $168.