Thinking about quitting your job? Maybe the work hours are demanding, the co-workers are abrasive or you see a competitor company has better benefits. Whatever the case, take a step back to look at the situation. Maybe the grass is greener where you are and not on the other side. Fox News and Entrepreneur came up with some ideas people should consider before they quit.

Growing span

It might be a sign to move on if there isn't a challenge anymore.

Ask the boss about projects to join. Or think of innovative ways to help the company succeed and then offer to be in charge of that project.

Engaging in opportunities to learn new skills is the perfect cure for getting happy feet.

Long hours

Do the days seem to drag on? Try coming in at earlier hours in the day, or see if the boss will allow telecommuting. The new environment or the new hours may improve the workforce.

Stress level
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How is the stress level at your current job and can your health handle it?

Some people like living under a lot of stress and feel they perform better. Whereas others lose sleep, hair and appetite from stress.

Next job
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If you haven't started looking for a job, it may take weeks or months to find one.

It'll be easier to find a job for a fast-changing industry like being a waitress than a manager, according to Entrepreneur.

Support group
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A support group is just like having a gym buddy to workout with - it makes the task easier.

Life is more simple having friends or family that support your decision to quit and are willing to help you find a new job.

Plus, family and friends can offer advice on if quitting is the best decision.


When making a life changing decision, it's best to consider who else will be effected.

Are you and your family barely getting by on your income? Would you be able to take care of your dog, Spot? Is debt looming over your shoulders?

Unless another job is lined up, it might be time to think twice about quitting.


Is the salary low enough that your family is scrapping the bottom of the pots and pans to get food?

When's the last time you asked for a raise? Is the competitor company offering a bigger salary?

The job can become more enticing after bargaining for benefits or an end of the year bonus, even if the salary hasn't been raised.

Heavy workload
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If the workload is too much to handle, consider looking at your time management and see if the project can get done quicker than you thought.

Cutting down on email usage or managing lunch time differently can help.

Negative co-workers

Unfortunately, changing a job might not solve the negative co-workers problem. People in the next job could be just as negative.

"You have to be able to take your happiness into your own hands and identify the things that make you happy at your current job," according to Fox News.


Finally, re-evaluate your current job situation.

Where do you want to go?

What do you want to do?

Where is your career going?