Apple announced new products and software today at its latest World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco, including new MacBook Pros and mobile and computer operating systmes. Some of the most anticipated announements were made during the event. Here is a list of Apple's big annoucnements.

Apple statistics

First, here are some facts about Apple the company released during its event.

• 30 billion app store downloads
• $5 billion going out to developers of apps
• The userbase for the Mac is up to 66 million
• There are 130 million users on Apple's Game Center that post 5 billion scores a week
• 150 billion iMessages have been sent among 140 million users.
• 10 billion tweets have been sent through iOS 5
• Apple has sold 365 million iOS devices sold since March 30th

MacBook Pro updates

The latest in Apple's laptop lineup will receive a 2.7 GHz process and USB 3.0. The 15-inch model will feature a GeForce GT 650M graphics processor.

Apple's basic laptops have also recieved a dimensional update as well.

The new models are .71 inches thick, a 25 percent drop from it's previous line.

Possibly the biggest announcement for the MacBook Pro is the addition of retina display. The display has a 15.4 inch screen with a pixel density of 2880x1880.

MacBook Pro updates part 2

A Quad-core i5 and i7 will be put in each, and the laptops can be including with as much as 768 GB of flash storage.

The laptops will also include an SD card slot, two Thunderbolt ports

The 13-inch model will price at $1,200 while the 15-inch will start at $1,800 and rise to $2,200 with boosted specs.

New laptops ship June 11.

MacBook Air updates

Apple's series of slim notebook received a hardware update.

The MacBook Air can now have up to 8GB of RAM and 512GB of flash storage. USB 3, which is up to 10 times faster than USB 2, will also be added to the notebook.

The imbedded camera is now 720p.

The thin notebook is also getting a new 2.0 GHz dual-core i7 processor.

The Air comes in either 11 or 13 inch sizes and are priced at $999 and $1099, respectively.

Shipping for the new models starts June 11.

OS X Mountain Lion

The latest update to Apple's laptop and desktop operating system features iCloud updates, apps to enhance mobile integration and dictation software.

When users sign in to the new OS, all apps on the computer are with the person's data through iCloud.

A new version of Apple's web browser, Safari, will be included.

A new feature called Power Nap is included that allows the computer to work for you when you're not working, according to The Verge. Power Nap keeps your computer up to date even while it sleeps.

OS X Mountain Lion part 2

A notification center, much like the one in Apple's mobile devices, will also be featured in Mountain Lion. Notifications will now pop up at the top of the screen for a moment, then disappear if ignored.

Users can also control their Macs with new dictation software, which is not to be confused with Siri.

Anywhere you can type on a Mac, you can now dictate.

Finally, the new OS X will feature new imbedded apps that will improve mobile integration, including Reminders, Messages, Game Center and Notes.

OS X Mountain Lion will be available in July for $20, and all new Mac device will come with it for free.


This app was included in iOS 5 for mobile devices. When users set reminders for themselves, the tasks would be synced awkwardly with iCal, Apple's calendar app.

Now reminders is baked into OS X Mountain Lion, allowing for easy synching between computers and mobile devices.


Apple's iMessage, a messaging network between Apple devices, also came out with iOS 5. However, there was no functionality for the network an MacBooks and iMacs.

Messages allow users to send through the network on Apple's laptops and desktops, furthering mobile integration.

Game Center

What was once originally designed only for mobile devices, Game Center is now featured on OS X Mountain Lion, allowing users to play games across platforms.

iOS 6

The newest update to Apple's mobile operating system has a wide variety of new features.

Facebook is now integratted in a similar way Twitter was added at the last update.

Users now have a button that allows them to reply to missed calls on the iPhone with a message. There is also a new button that allows users to set a reminder to return the call.

A "Do Not Disturb" button has been added, allowing users to turn off all notifications.

The new "Do Not Disturb" comes with customisable features, like setting time limits and allowing certain callers through.

iOS 6 part 2

FaceTime, Apple's video chat feature, can now be used over data.

The Photo Stream, which is Apple's photo cloud service, now allows for shared streams.

The Mail app on the iPhone has also received some updates.

A VIP box, much like a priority inbox, has been added.

You can now refresh your inbox with a "pull down" gesture.

A ticket and coupon managing app, called Passbook, will be included with the new update as well.

Google's maps app has been tossed out and will be replaced with Apple Maps.

iOS 6 will come out this fall for iPhone 3GS or later and the 2nd and 3rd generation iPad.

Siri upgrades

The dictation software now knows more about restaurants and sports.

Through Siri, users can get reviews and make reservations at restaurants all through their mobile device.

The voice-operated personal assistant can now bring up sports scores and statistics on command.

Siri can now launch apps on a mobile device. It also now includes movie reviews and trailers.

BWM, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chysler and Honda will all be featuring Siri integration in new models of their vehicles.


A new feature called Passbook keeps all of a users movie tickets, airline tickets, gift cards, express check-ins at hotels and coupons.

A scan code is on each digital ticket, allowing for easy redemption.

It is location based. When users arrive at a location where a ticket is applicable, a notifcation will pop up to remind them.

The new software is included in iOS 6.

Map Software

Apple is abandoning Google's map application and implementing its own.

Apple has been buying up mapping technology in 2011, according to TechCrunch.

The new software features turn-by-turn directions

Local search is integrated into the maps and includes more than 100 million business listings.

Apple will use anonymous info from iOS users to keep traffic info up to date.

The new map app, called Apple Maps, will also feature 3D maps.

Siri functionality is also included, allowing users to get an estimated time of arrival or find the nearest gas station.

iCloud updates

Apple's cloud server, iCloud, has received same updates, namely a photo sharing feature between users.

MobileMe, Apple's cloud service prior to iCloud, will be shut down in a few weeks, accoridng to The Verge. MobileMe was the only place where users could share photos and galleries.

Users can now store documents in the Cloud as well. PDFs stored with iCloud can all be viewed using the Preview app.

Facebook Integration

Integrated Twitter functionality came with Apple's last mobile software update.

Facebook now comes baked into iOS 6 in the same manner.

Status updates can be made with through photos, Safari web pages and maps.

The integration is open to developers, which means it could spread to many apps.

Events on Facebook, including birthdays, will be synched with the Calendar.

The social network stands to gain from mobile integration as it could quell fears that the company isn't monetizing its mobile users, according to the LA Times.

iLife product updates

All apps within Apple's iLife line, including iMovie and iPhoto, will be updated to take full advantage of the retina display featured on the new laptop models.

Safari updates

Apple's new version of its web browser will be faster and allow users to send pages from a laptop or desktop to any mobile device for unified browsing.

The page sharing is fulfilled through "iCloud tabs."

Apple has introduced "Smart Search," which is an autocomplete feature similar to Google's.