With high gas prices and a sluggish economy, many families are looking for ways to trim their budget. Here's a list of 20 ways families can save money on gas, according to The Bargainist.

Maintain your vehicle

The better a vehicle runs, the better gas mileage it will get.

Regularly performing oil changes, replacing the air filter and other recommended maintenance will all help vehicle run better and leave more money in your pocket as a result.

Keep your tires inflated

Studies have shown that keeping your tires inflated doesn't make an astronomical difference in gas mileage but it does improve gas mileage.

Keeping your tires inflated to the recommended pressure will slightly improve your gas mileage, keep you safer and make your tires last longer.

Avoid rush hour traffic
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Go to and from work early or later if you can. Being stuck in a traffic-jam is not only frustrating but it also wastes gas. Stop-and-go driving is bad for you vehicle and decrease your fuel-efficiency.

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Working from home can save people a lot on gas. It may not be possible to telecommute every day but doing it once or twice a week will make the fuel bill shrink substantially.

Remove weight
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Removing unnecessary cargo from your vehicle improves gas mileage because there's less to weigh the car down.

Driving with fewer people in the car makes a big difference in the gas mileage your vehicle gets.

Avoid frequent idling
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Every time your car idles, its gas mileage drops. If you're going to idle for less than a minute, leave the car on. But if it's going to be much longer than that, turn the car off.

Drive slower
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Speeding decreases your gas mileage. Drive the speed limit and your gas mileage will be better even though it might take an extra minute to get to where you're going.

Don't accelerate and brake so hard
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Accelerating and braking quickly is bad for your car's fuel economy. Accelerate slowly and avoid using your breaks too much.

Being less aggressive in your driving will improve your gas mileage.

Use higher gears
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Driving fast in low gears is bad for gas mileage. Drive in as high a gear as you can unless you're down-shifting to slow down or control your speed.

Buy a fuel-efficient car
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Bigger and heavier cars tend to get worse gas mileage. Look for a vehicle that is light weight and gets good gas mileage.

Having a fuel-efficient engine can make a huge difference in how much you spend on gas.

Keeps the windows up on the highway
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Having the windows down instead using the ari-conditioner is actually worse for your gas mileage because it creates a strong drag on the car.

If you're driving slow and around town then having turning off the air-conditioner and rolling the windows down will save on gas. If you're driving fast on the highway, keeps the windows up.

Don't top off
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Topping off your gas tank when you fill up wastes gas because the excess gas spills.

Park in the shade
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Parking in the garage or shade saves gas because it keeps the car cool. The higher the temperature, the more gas will evaporate.


Driving less is one of the best ways to save on gas. If you only have to go a few blocks, try walking. It saves you money and you burn fat instead of gas.

Ride a bike
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A lot of people live close enough to work that makes riding a bike there easy. This is good for your budget and helps you stay in shape.

Live close to work
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Don't just pick up and move today. But the next time you're looking for a place to live, try to find one close to where you work. It will save a lot of driving.

Group errands together
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Try to avoid doing one or two errands at a time. Instead, try to do as many at the same time as you can and plan an efficient route.

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It's not usually very difficult to find family, friends or neighbors who live in your area and work close to you.

Alternate who drives every drives and you'll save on gas.

Cruise control
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Cruise control saves a lot on gas because it reduces heavy acceleration and braking. Driving at a steady pace greatly improves gas mileage.

Don't buy hot gas
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Buying gas when it's hot means it has expanded and you get less. Buy gas in the morning or evening when it's not quite so hot.