RSL got an early wakeup call in the 4th minute of their US Open Cup match against 2nd division Minnesota FC when the underdogs scored off a muffed punch out by Kyle Reynish. It seemed as though they might not overreact when Luis Gil found the next in the 29th minute, but when Minnesota went up 2-1 to close out the half on a PK goal and then all but wrapped up the game in the 58th minute, RSL went into spastic mode. Patience went out the window and as a result passing and positioning were out of sync, rendering RSL totally ineffective in what is usually their hallmark - the short passing game in the midfield and in front of the 18-yard box. Their hopes at a Concacaf Champion's League birth were dashed but on a silver-lining note, the young players that made up Real's frontal attack know the bitter taste of losing what should have been a gimme on their home pitch.

Game Statistics

Real Salt Lake | Minnesota FC

Goals: 1 | 3
Shots: 21 | 14
Shots on Goal: 7 | 4
Saves: 1 | 6
Fouls: 12 | 11
Corner Kicks: 9 | 1
Offsides: 2 | 5
Penalty Kicks: 0 | 1

Kyle Reynish (GK)

Kyle Reynish saw a squibbed punch-out turn to a goal, a near shot given away with a flubbed routine scoop-up from the turf and a handful of messy distributions. Kyle's been much better in previous starts but it seems his confidence may have been shaken by the missed punch-out against Dallas that nearly made last Saturday's game against Dallas a tie but for Nat Borchers heroic 93rd minute goal. Grade: C+

Terakazu Tanaka (R DEF)

Terakazu Tanaka was not nearly as crisp Tuesday night as he was in Saturday's superb performance against Dallas. While his speed and strong crosses were there, his positioning was not. He was often found too far downfield on counter-attacks against a very good and active Minnesota left side. Kreis wisely subbed him out for Tony Beltran at the half Grade: C+

Jamison Olave (C DEF)

Jamison Olave's handball in the box in the 45th minute gave Minnesota their second opportunity at a goal and Minnesota midfielder Neil Hlavaty knocked the PK home perfectly placed out of reach of Kyle Reynish; top left shelf. His defensive effort seemed unmotivated by the foe, or too confident in his speed and size against a clearly less athletic Minnesota front line. But it was his offensive distribution out of the back line that squandered too many opportunities for a veteran of his caliber. Grade: B-

Nat Borchers (C DEF)

Nat Borchers was good Tuesday night, but he wasn't great. He seemed bit by the same complacency bug as Jamison Olave. It showed worst when in the 58th minute when his lackluster clearance turned to a goal off a streaking Simone Bracalello who connected off a beautiful cross by Brian Kallman, the man Borchers' clearance fell to. Grade: B

Chris Wingert (L DEF)

Chris Wingert was solid in his position at left back with strong defense against a quality Minnesota front line and a few very good distributions from the midfield. Kreis didn't seem interested in calling Chris forward into the attack as often as we've seen before but with the ineffectiveness of the strikers and forward middies to generate much momentum, it made little difference.Grade: B+

Ned Grabavoy (L MID)

Ned Grabavoy played the savvy quick-start in the 29th minute to give Luis Gil the assist on the goal that matched Minnesota's first goal. His veteran cool was much needed in the final third to help settle the young Real guns along the front line down. When Real went down 3-1, it was Grabavoy who held his head high and showed the rest of the team the zen balance of urgency and patience needed when you find yourself trying to close the gap in a losing effort. Grade: B+

Yordany Alvarez (CD MID)

Yordany Alvarez failed to produce the same solid showing as he did Tuesday by what seemed like a lack of energy that was later found to be a left hamstring strain. He was subbed out for Sebastian Velasquez early in the second half. Grade: B-

Luis Gil (CO MID)

Luis Gil evened the score in the 29th minute when he took a quick pass from Ned Grabavoy off a restart, touched it once to settle the ball then blasted a right-foot rocket from 25 yards out to blow past Minnesota keeper Matt VanOekel. Luis' field vision and motor were as usual, but his passing was often rushed and too optimistic against a talented Minnesota team eager to show RSL and MLS their mettle. Grade: B+

Jonny Steele (R MID)

Jonny Steele suffered from the "too optimistic to be making that pass" syndrome of Luis Gil, trying to thread the needle or play a tight angel far too often. A little more patience and a little more realism would have made a world of difference to match Ned Grabavoy's effort and bringing some calm to the Real attack. Grade: B-

Paulo Jr. (FWD)

Paulo Jr. showed speed, he showed some skill but lacked the patience and maturity a striker needs to score goals. He was subbed out too late in the game to let Cody Arnoux bring anything different to a frenetic team in the final minutes of trying to salvage their dignity. Grade: B-

Emiliano Bonfigli (FWD)

Emiliano Bonfigli tried to do too much in his first start for RSL. Rather than settle into Real's quick-touch passing game along the front line he tried long range shots, runs with the ball at his feet beyond his speed and capabilities and rather than passing to the open man, tried to create space on his own. His presence on the front line was not disruptive, but it did little to contribute to the flow in front of the goal. Grade: C

Tony Beltran (SUB - R DEF)

Tony Beltran was subbed in to replace a floundering Terakazu Tenaka at half-time, and while he helped to calm the flustered boys in Cobalt and Claret on the offensive end, it wasn't enough, and his marking on Simone Bracalello wasn't good enough to keep the Minnesota goal scorer from finding the back of the net. Grade: B

Sebastian Velasquez (SUB - CD MID)

Sebastian Velasquez was subbed on in the early minutes of the second half for an ailing Yordany Alvarez and to take on a more forward offensive role than Alvarez had been playing. He added energy to the midfield, but it needed direction. Too often he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, getting in the way of passes or positioning himself poorly to received passes. He nearly earned an assist in the waning minutes of the game on a Jonny Steele goal that was called back due to Sebastian being offside - Another example of his energy taking him just beyond where he needed to be. Grade: B-

Cody Arnoux (SUB - FWD)

Cody Arnoux did his best to be additive when he entered the game late in the second half for Paulo Jr., but like the rest of the young players it was too unbridled to make a difference. Passing was often rushed and off the mark and he was out of position too often, clearly eager to play off the defensive back line rather than coming to the ball or playing Real's signature triangle passing when building up out of the midfield. Grade: C+