It can be difficult to spend time with teens when they're always plugged into a video game, cellphone, or computer. However, it's possible to entertain teenagers without digital devices and for a cheap cost, said Wise Bread. Wise Bread made a list of 19 activities to prove it.

Share a favorite activity

Teenagers typically don't enjoy the parent's favorite get-away activity. However, if a close friend comes with the teen they generally enjoy the activity more, said Wise Bread.

Become a contestant
Scott Takushi, Associated Press

Teenagers are generally competitive and like to express their creativity.

Entering into various competitions can be a cheap activity, yet winning the activity could bring in money skills for later or bragging rights.

Go bargain shopping
Kevork Djansezian, Associated Press

Parents can challenge the teen with bargain shopping. See how many outfits and accessories the teen can put together for a small amount of cash.

Eat out
Bill Hogan, Chicago Tribune

Eating out doesn't have to be at a restaurant but outside. This will take teenagers out of their element.

Attend a play
T Charles Erickson, Associated Press

Plays can be a great source of entertainment and can be relatively cheap if a school or community center is featuring it. If the teenager's friends are in the play it makes the play even more entertaining, said Wise Bread.

Go to a concert
Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

Low-cost venues with professional groups area a great source of entertainment. However, if there aren't any venues nearby, communities or schools often provide free or cheap concerts that teens can enjoy.

Cheer on a game
Michael Brandy, Deseret News

High schools and most colleges sports are priced reasonably and can be a great hang out place for teens.

Head to the city
Nam Y. Huh, Associated Press

Simple trips to the city can provide a lot of cheap fun entertainment, especially for those that are from the country or suburbs, said the article.

Architecture, window shopping and riding the metro can be exciting for a teenager and doesn't pull on the wallet.

Travel to the country
David Guttenfelder, Associated Press

Big city teenagers will be surprised at rural areas as they discover what small town teens find entertaining. Natural attraction or strolling downtown provide entertainment for the frugal.

Travel by bike
Eli Lucero, Deseret News

Traveling by bike can help teenagers see many different aspects of their hometown and enjoy the outdoors.

Become a photographer or videographer
Mark Lennihan, Associted Press

Teens can develop their creative storytelling talents by handing them an old camera to play with.

Visit a museum
Jason Swensen, Deseret News

Many museums, zoos, art galleries or aquariums are made to entertain those young at heart with interactive displays.

Tour college campuses
Robert F. Bukaty, Associated Press

College campuses can be a great way for teenagers to find the school they want. While there teenagers can engage in the different events on campus or even lectures.

Create an art project
Eric Hrin, Associated Press

Artistic challenges can be entertaining for teenagers, especially if they're creating with their friends.

Enjoy the local park
Jason Olson, Deseret News

The local park gathers countless items for a teenager to do. From tennis, to hiking to paddleboats a teenager could spend a couple of hours there for free.

Play pick-up games
Brian Nicholson, Deseret News

Unorganized sports can be enjoyable for teenagers and a great way to meet other people in the neighborhood.

Carlos Osorio, Associated Press

Teenagers will enjoy serving in something they are interested in. For example, volunteering at a animal shelter or childcare. This can also help center their future career.

Take a late-night walk
Kristan Jacobsen, Deseret News

Teenagers will enjoy the mystery that comes from walking around at night and exploring the stars. Choosing a safe area and carrying a flashlight is important.