Jacqueline Larma, Associated Press

Remember when memorizing home phone numbers was important, and movie theaters was the place to go with family and friends? Yahoo collected 15 devices or concepts that will now be deemed as old-fashioned for newborns.

Ethernet cord
Jacqueline Larma, Associated Press

Children will never know how adults had to sit in a certain place, next to the wall just to receive the Internet.

4G LTE takes away long Ethernet cords and provides people with the same download speed and better upload speed, said Yahoo.

Cameras and camecorders
Lee Jin-man, Associated Press

Smartphones have slowed consumer sales in dedicated cameras and camcorders.

In fact, Yahoo is predicting that DSLRs and micro four-thirds camera will be the only cameras that stay with consumers.

Landline phones
Associated Press

Landline phones are becoming an added expense that many homes are doing away with.

Yahoo predicts that cellphones will be exclusively used in a few years, even with businesses.

Desktop computers
Richard Drew, Associated Press

Some schools have already made the change to laptops for young students to use.

The laptop craze will inevitably take over, thus ceasing the production of desktop computers, Yahoo said.

Windowed operating systems
Richard Drew, Associated Press

Microsoft is preparing to change the look of the operating system by popularizing the tile-based Metro UI.

This means newborns will no longer know about the "windows" or draggable box that appears when running a new application, Yahoo said.

Slow-booting computers
Loren Callahan, Associated Press

Solid state drives and fast-starting operating systems have changed the minutes wasted for a computer to reboot itself.

Now, many leave their computer on sleep mode rather than turning it off, according to the article. This allows it to start up in seconds, which corresponds with today's fast-pace world.

Movie theaters
David Grubbs, Associated Press

The death of the movie theater has been predicted years ago, yet Yahoo foresees an official end.

Many can't afford to pay $11 per person to see a movie, especially to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Also, large HD TVs and 3D sets are becoming affordable, creating a home theater experience to stream movies for as little as $3 for everyone to enjoy.

3D glasses
Shizuo Kambayashi, Associated Press

Lately many products have been advertising a glasses-free solution to 3D movies.

Products such as Toshiba's Qosmio F755 notebook, and HTC and LG's handsets currently offer 3D screens sans the glasses.

Remote controls

TVs won't need a remote control anymore. It will be replaced with smartphones, gestures or voice commands will control the TV set instead, according to Yahoo.

Hard Drives
Ben Margot, Associated Press

The old magnetic platters are bulky and has multiple moving parts making it a lot slower.

Solid state drives are becoming increasingly popular because of its speed and durability. Solid state drives are expected to be found in all computers over the next few years, according to Yahoo.

Phone numbers
Laura Seitz, Deseret News

Kids won't understand when parents ask their child "Did you ask for their digits?"

Skype, Google Talk and Facebook audio chat allows people to be dialed just by a username instead of a number, said the article.

The contact menu in the cell phone has also limited the need for memorizing phone numbers.

Prime-time TV
Associated Press

Needing to be home on time for a favorite TV show is no longer an excuse with DVRs, Web streaming or cable on-demand.

Fax machines
Paul Sakuma, Associated Press

Fax machines unfortunately haven't kept up with the times as it still uses landlines, said Yahoo.

However the gang of 4G connections, e-mail, electronic and digital signatures are slowly surrounding and taking over the need for fax machines.

Optical Discs
Tom Smart, Deseret News

Though DVDs and Blu-ray haven't had the long lifespan as the VHS, cloud services will slowly end their reign, according to Yahoo.

Cloud services can be found on iTunes or Amazon and feeds into the growth of downloading and streaming videos.

The mouse

Touchscreens laptops and TVs will soon be pushing the mouse aside.

The mouse and the touchpad will most likely be a secondary option in years to come, said Yahoo.