Mega online bookseller has released its "Most Well-Read Cities in America" list for the second year in a row. The ranking is based on book, magazine and newspaper sales both in traditional printed form and e-versions for Kindle. Cities eligible for ranking had to have more than 100,000 residents. Chris Schluep, Senior Editor of Books at Amazon said, "It’s great to see that we are truly a nation of readers, with representation on this list from every region of the country.” In tandem with the list, Amazon issued summer reading recommendations for adults and for children.

20 Richmond, Va.

Richmond is the birthplace of author David L. Robbins. His award-winning book "War of the Rats" was the inspiration for the film "Enemy at the Gates."

19 Atlanta

Author Cecil B. Murphy lives in Atlanta. He has written over 100 books including "90 Minutes in Heaven: A Tale of Life and Death".

18 St. Louis

St. Louis-based author Richard Burgin has been called "one of the most stimulating practitioners of the short story form" for his wide and varied range of short stories.

17 Cincinnati

Cincinnati is home to a long list of famous writers, artists, musicians, sportsmen, among others, including Harriet Beecher Stowe.

16 Bellevue, Wash.

Bellevue was featured in "Bellevue Timeline" by Alan J. Stein which featured the city's diversity and highlighted it as the unofficial capital of Washington's high-tech industry.

15 Columbia, S.C.

Residents of the city of Columbia are being encouraged to participate in a library-led program called "One Book, One Columbia" where every resident reads the same book at the same time to connect to the community.

14 Orlando, Fla.

Novelist and hippie beat poet Jack Kerouac is Orlando's most famous author. Many of his books like On the Road, Visions of Cody, Visions of Gerard, Big Sur, and The Subterraneans were actually autobiographical.

13 Seattle

"The Short Second Life of Brie Tanner" is a book written by "Twilight" author Stephanie Meyer. While the Twilight novels were set in the fictional "Forks", Washington, "The Short Second Life" is set in Seattle.

12 Knoxville, Tenn.

Lowell Cunningham, comic book creator of "Men in Black" series called Knoxville home as did Alex Haley, author of the novel "Roots", and Quintin Tarantino, who wrote screenplays for "True Romance", "Natural Born Killers" and "Pulp Fiction".

11 Pittsburgh

Author Lee Gutkind lived in Pittsburgh all his life and wrote more than 12 books. He founded the Creative Nonfiction writers journal and was once called "the Godfather behind creative nonfiction."

10 Salt Lake City
Deseret News archives

Salt Lake City-based author Stacey Bess' book "Nobody Don't Love Nobody" is the inspiration for the Hallmark movie "Beyond the Blackboard", based on her experiences with homeless and desperately poor children she encountered at "the school with no name".

9 Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. is as full of writers as it is politicians and both groups like to write books. A few politician-writers include John F. Kennedy, George Stephanopalous and Cal Thomas.

8 Gainsville, Fla.

Gainesville is the second Florida city classified as a "well read" city. The book "The Making of a Serial Killer" is set in Gainesville and tells the true story of a murder spree that took place there in the 1980's by a killer who later converted to Christianity.

7 Arlington, Va.

Arlington, while classified 7th on the list as a "well read" city, is listed at the top for readers who enjoy the Romance category.

6 Miami

Books set in tropical Miami include the 'justifiable murder' "Dexter" series and "Percy Jackson and the Olympians #2". Famous authors from the vacation hot spot include Dave Barry and Hannibal Lecter creator Thomas Harris.

5 Boulder, Colo.

According to Amazon, Boulder, Colo., home of raw food chef and author Brigitte Mars, "keeps the closest eye on its waistline by topping the list of cities that order the most books in the Health, Fitness & Dieting category."

4 Ann Arbor, Mich.

Ann Arbor hosts the annual "Ann Arbor Book Festival" focusing on reading, writing and literacy and featuring guest authors, speakers and workshops, explaining why this city is close to the top of the list.

3 Berkeley, Calif.

According to Amazon, Berkley, "is a city full of jet-setters – it topped the list by ordering the most Travel books."

2 Cambridge, Mass.

Although this college town orders the most books in the Business & Investing category, according to Amazon, it has also been home to the likes of Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Dr. Seuss.

1 Alexandria, Va.

Alexandria is a city full of American history giving authors endless inspiration for historical fiction and non-fiction, military and government novels and non-fiction books covering history, politics and religion.