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See who is giving the most money to Romney's Super PAC Who has donated the most money to President Barack Obama's super PAC? Priorities USA Action, the political action committee that supports Pres. Obama, has received more than $8.4 million in contribution, according to OpenSecrets. The Deseret News compiled information from OpenSecrets.org to find the biggest donors to Obama's Super PAC.

18 Total Donations
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In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the use of so-called Super PACs. These groups could raise unlimited funds to support elections.

While the PACs can't give directly to candidates, they can have unlimited political spending.

17 Perennial Strategy Group, LLC

Donation: $100,000
Company: The purpose of Perennial Strategy Group is to utilize relationships and experience within government and industry to provide public, private, and non-profit clients with revenue-generation, regulatory, and global diversity strategies, according to its website: Perennialsg.com.

16 UAW - V - CAP (UAW Voluntary Community Action Program

Donation: $100,000
Company: UAW - V - CAP (UAW Voluntary Community Action Program is a Political Action Committee, according to uaw.org.

15 Reinier Beeuwkes

Donation: $100,000
Company: Ischemix/President and Chief Scientific Officer

14 Bernard L. Schwartz

Donation: $100,000
Company: Bls Investments Llc/CEO

13 Chelsea Handler
Evan Agostini, AP

Donation: $100,000
Company: Chelsea Handler has been a standup comedian, actress, best-selling author and producer.

She is currently the host of Chelsea Lately on E! Entertainment Television.

12 Wayne D. Jordan
Susan Walsh, AP

Donation: $100,000
Company: Jrei/Real Estate Investor

11 John C. Law
Dave Weaver, AP

Donation: $100,000
Company: Warland Investments/Managing Director

10 Steven Spielberg
Evan Agostini, AP

Donation: $100,000
Company: Dreamworks Animation/Co-Principal

9 William E. Little JR
Toby Talbot, AP

Donation: $150,000
Company: George Little Management, Llc/Chair

8 Priorities USA

Donation: $215,000 Company: Priorities USA is a 501(c)(4) organization that tries to promote and protect middle-class Americans, according to Prioritiesusa.org.

7 Anne Earhart

Donation: $250,000
Company: Self-Employed/Investor

6 SEIU Cope
Mark Duncan, AP

Donation: $500,000
Company: The Service Employees International Union is a workers' union that employs about 1.8 million workers.

5 Fred Eychaner

Donation: $500,000
Company: Newsweb Corporation/Director Of SPE

4 Kareem Ahmed
Carolyn Kaster, AP

Donation: $1 million
Company: Landmark Medical Management/CEO

3 William Maher

Donation: $1 million
Company: Self-Employed/Comedian

2 Amy P. Goldman

Donation: $1 million

Company: Solil Management Corp./Writer

1 Jeffrey Katzenberg
Chris Pizzello, AP

Donation: $2 million
Company: Dreamworks Animation/CEO