Not paying off debts is a surefire way to damage a credit score. There are some things that can hurt a credit score that most consumers wouldn't think about. Here are seven of the strangest ways to hurt your credit score, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Not paying library fines

Because economic times are tough, some libraries are reporting missing library fines to collection agencies.

The $1.50 late fee with the library can turn into a bad report on your credit.

Closing credit cards

Though recently this problem isn't as strange as it used to be, but closing credit cards can potentially increase your credit utilization and lower the average age of existing accounts.

Both of those things are bad for a credit score.

Not filling out a moving form

Not filling out a United State Postal Service change of address report can lead to missing bills.

Not knowing about a bill could lead to late payments, which can result in credit dings.

Asking a banker to check your score

Having a teller at a local bank check your credit score may seem harmless, but credit bureaus treat these as hard inquiries on a report as if you had requested a loan.

Checking on your own is considered a soft inquiry.

Unpaid parking or speeding tickets

These unpaid citations will almost always be sent to a collection agency. The agnecy will report the unpaid debts to a credit bureau.

Pay less than owed

Agreeing to pay a smaller amount than what is owed when you're already past due will harm a credit score.

This can be prevented through negotiating with the debt holder.

Card with no limits

A card without a credit limit artificially raises your credit utilization because bureaus assume it was $0 for their calcuations.

This will hurt your credit score.