Nearly a quarter of retirees say finances were the biggest challenge in retirement, according to Investopedia. The following is a list compiled by Investopedia on the best ways to find discounts as a senior citizen.


AARP will accept members as young as 50 years old.

For $16 a year, customers get discounts on travel, entertainment, technology, health services and insurance.

Movie Discounts
Laura Seitz, Deseret News

The average movie ticket price was $8 in 2011, according to Investopedia.

Most theaters offer a senior discount. Some will cut up to 52 percent off the price of the ticket.


Senior discounts can help curb the rising cost of food.

Local grocery stores tend to have the most aggressive senior discount programs, and a few national chains offer savings.

Harris Teeter, a North Carolina-based grocery store, offers a 5 percent discount on total purchases on Thursdays.

Apparel and Consumer Goods

Stores like Kohl's and Ross offer discounts up to 15 percent off on certain days.

Even Banana Republic has a senior discount.

Inquire with a sales person before paying full price.


Southwest airlines has discounts for customers 65 years or older. Southwest also offers other discounts for those who aren't quite old enough for the senior citizen discount.

Greyhound offers a 5 percent discount on tickets. Amtrak also offers discounts for seniors.

It isn't hard to find discounts on hotels while traveling either.

Marriot will take off 15 percent for travelers ages 62 and up, while Hyatt drops as much as 50 percent.


Rite Aid offers discounts up to 20 percent on certain days and 10 percent off of perscriptions every day through its "Living More" program, according to Investopedia.

Members of AARP get 5 percent off at Walgreen's pharmacies.

Car Services

Seniors who are AARP members can rent a car through Hertz, National Car Rental, Enterprise and Budget Rent A Car at lower rates.

Jiffy Lube and Midas service centers offer discounts as well, though savings vary by location.

Food and Drinks

Because offers aren't usually advertised, it's worth it to inquire with the server about discounts.

Restaurants known for discounts include McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Applebee's, Arby's, Chilli's and Friendly's.