Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

Finding out what's in a neighboring town can be a way to create long lasting memories. Here's a look at staycation ideas for a family of four that cost less than $1,000.

Bear Lake
Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

Nestled in Logan is one of the largest lakes found in the western United States.

Bear Lake is also home to Raspberry Days, celebrating its world famous berry.

At Bear Lake Pizza Co. these berries can be found on their raspberry cream cheese desert pizza for as low as $6.99

Bear Lake restaurants

Enjoy various pizza choices at Bear Lake Pizza Co. for $40.

Or Bear Lake Trapper Stake House for $60. The menu offers choices from steaks to salmon.

Bear Lake recreation
Charlie Riedel

There are various boat and water toy rentals found at Bear Lake to take advantage of.

Paddleboats can be rented for $30.

Or if exploring the land around Bear Lake is appealing try horseback riding for $140.

Bear Lake staycation at The Lodging Motel
Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

The sum total for a Bear Lake staycation is:

$497 - The Lodging Motel
$60 - Bear Lake Trapper Stake House
$40 - Bear Lake Pizza Co.
$140 - Horseback riding
$65 - Fishing Boat 14-foot 9.8 HP rental for four hours
$30 - Paddleboat rental for four hours
$24 Minnetonka Cave

Bear Lake staycation at Harbor Village Condos
Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

The sum total for a Bear Lake staycation is:

$669 - Harbor Village Condos
$60 - Bear Lake Trapper Steak House
$40 - Bear Lake Pizza Co
$65 - Fishing Boat 14-foot 9.8 hp rental for four hours
$30 - Paddleboat rental for four hours
$24 Minnetonka Cave

Lake Powell
Ray Grass, Deseret News

Lake Powell offers endless options for the water-lover in it's 186 miles of aquatic playground.

At Lake Powell a family of four can find a Wahweap Marina Rental 19' powerboat for $466 to begin the water adventures.

Lake Powell recreation
Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

There are various water toy rentals at Lake Powell.

At Wahweap Marina Rental a wakeboard costs $52 and a tube costs $47 for an all-day event.

Or if a break is needed from the water, there is Powell Museum costing $12 for the whole family.

Lake Powell lodging
Douglas C. Pizac, Deseret News

Lodging isn't cheap at Lake Powell for a staycation under $1,000. But taking use of the campgrounds are.

As long as bringing your own RV or tent isn't a problem, an RV campsite can cost $176, whereas a tent can cost $96 at Wahweap RV and Campgrounds.

Wahweap does require a $15 entrance fee, but it will last seven days.

Lake Powell staycation with a tent
Joey Ferguson, Deseret News

$96 -using the tent grounds
$15 - entrance fee to Wahweap Marina grounds
$466 - boat
$47 - tube
$52 - wakeboard
$12 - museum
$31 - dinner at Slackers Quality Grub
$45 - Fiesta Mexicana

Lake Powell staycation with a RV

$176 -RV grounds
$15 -entrance fee to Wahweap Marina grounds
$260 - RV rental
$466 - Boat rental
$12 -Museum
$31 -Dinner at Slackers Quality Grub

Mike Terry, Deseret News

Though Snowbird may be considered a great skiing spot, it can also be a top staycation in the summertime.

An all-day pass can cost between $142 to 168 and allows the family to tryout many activities including an alpine slide, ropes course and bungy trampoline.

Snowbird lodging
Steve C. Wilson, Associated Press

El Chanate Dine-n-stay- The Cliff Lodge and Spa offers a on the spot restaurant and a pool to play in. A four night stay totals to $540.

Or stay for $676 at a studio room at the Residence Inn Marriott at River Ridge Snowbird golf getaway. Here guests can take advantage of the tennis courts, pools, and complementary breakfast.

Snowbird dining
Mamta Popat, Associated Press

Sitting on the 10th floor of The Cliff Lodge is The Aerie. The Aerie offers an American Cuisine for $56.

Or try El Chanate, for Mexican food totaling about $40.

Snowbird staycation Adrift Adventure

Adrift Adventure gives a full day water thrill that includes lunch.
$540 - lodging
$280 - Adrift Adventure
$56 - The Aerie
$40 - El Chanate
Free - hiking

Snowbird staycation all-day activities pass

$676- lodging
$168 - All-day activities pass
$56- The Aerie
$40 - El Chanate
Free - Hiking

Zions National Park
Chuck Wing, Deseret News

Zions National Park offers towering sandstone cliffs that attract close to three million visitors each year.

Entrance fee into the park is $25, but lasts up to seven days. Hiking, rock climbing and floating between the canyons are just a few things to be done at Zions National Park.

Zions National Park lodging

Bumbleberry Inn is located right next to the park and costs $540.

Or sleep just right outside of the park's entrance at Watchman Campground for $64 at the tent only campsite rate.

Zions National Park dining
Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News

These two restaurants - Bit and Spur and Red Rock Grill cost around $64 for dinner, yet offer diverse meals.

Red Rock Grill offers the all-American cuisine, whereas Bit and Spur offers a mixture from enchiladas, ribeye and pasta.

Zions National Park staycation Bumbleberry Lodge
Julie Jacobson, Associated Press

$590 - lodge
$25 - entrance fee
$275 - Paragon Adventures: Family rock climbing
free - hiking
$64 - dining

Zions National Park staycation Watchman Campground
Jerel Harris, Associated Press

$64 - lodging
$25 - park entrance
$275 -Pargon Adventure
Free - Hiking
$156 - Zion Ponderosa Float trip and Mountain Bike combo
$64 - The Aerie
$64 - El Chanate

Bret Webster, Deseret News

A staycation in Moab offers two national parks to visit - Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

Also offered is tasty food. At the Broken Oar Restaurant a meal for a family of four could amount to $62

Moab Dining and activity
Larry Pierce, Associated Press

Take dining to another level with dining and activity as offered the Moab Adventure Center. The dinner and night show tour travels on the Colorado River costing $240.

Moab recreation
Craig Hansell, Associated Press

In Moab there are activities spanning from mountain biking to a scenic bus ride.

Mountain biking the courthouse loop costs $340, which includes the bike rental. Whereas the scenic bus ride, called the Arches Sunset totals to $238.

Moab staycation Apache Motel
Beth Harpaz, Associated Press

$420 - Apache Motel
$340 - mountain biking
$62- dining
Free - hiking
= $822

Moab staycation Big Horn Lodge
Julie Jacobson, Associated Press

$440- Big Horn Lodge
$238 - bus tour
$240 - dinner and night show

Strawberry Reservoir
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Known for it's trout fisheries, Strawberry Reservoir is surrounded by Uinta National Forest.

Rent a 14-foot aluminum 8hp boat all day from Strawberry Bay Marina for $95.

Or rent a 21-foot pontoon boat with cd player and fish finder from the same marina for $365

Strawberry Reservoir recreation
Tom Smart, Deseret News

Besides fishing, there are also razor rentals for those that want to explore the area.

Exploring Timpanogos Cave is also an option for $30.

Strawberry Reservoir lodging
Mark Lennihan, Associated Press

Lodging at the Strawberry Bay Marina with two queen-sized beds with a view of the water is $380 for four nights.

Or stay at the Holiday In Express in Herber City for $406.

Strawberry Reservoir staycation Holiday inn express, Herber city
Sam Penrod, Deseret News

$406 -lodging
$95 - 14-foot boat
$30 - Timpanogos Cave
$279 - razor rentals
$37 - The Angry Bull restaurant
$60 - Spin Cafe

Strawberry Reservoir staycation Strawberry Bay Marina
Marc F. Henning, Associated Press

$380 - lodging
$365 - pontoon boat
$43 - wakeboard and ropes
$30 - Timpanogos Cave
$37 - The Angry Bull restaurant
$60 - Spin Cafe restaurant

Park City
Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

Park City isn't just home of the 2002 Winter Olympics and Sundance Festival, but it has many other activities as well.

Horseback riding at $276, or half a day of white water rafting comes to $179 are just a few things to do in the summer.

Park City lodging
Mark Lennihan, Associated Press

Edelweiss Haus 220 B totals to $520. Or a stay in Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Park City comes to $356 for four nights. Both hotels are close enough to the Park City Mountain or Park City.

Park City restaurants
Larry Crowe, Associated Press

Park City has a large variety of restaurants.

A Wok Away, a Chinese cuisine totals to $46 for a family of four.

Or choose an Italian bistro, Fuego Biastro and Pizzeria, for $20.

Park City staycation in Edelweiss Haus
Keith Johnson

$520 - lodging
$179 - Half day white water rafting trip
Free - Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation: 2002 Olympic Winter Games Museum
$46 - A Wok Away
$20 - Fuego Biastro and Pizzeria
= $868

Park City staycation Holliday Inn Exress Hotel and Suites
Stuart Johnson, Deseret News

$356 - lodging
$112 - mountain bike rental
$276 - horseback riding
$179 - half-day whitewater rafting trip
Free - Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation: 2002 Olympic Winter Games Museum
$20 - Fuego Biastro and Pizzeria
= $943