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Generating extra income can help pay off debts and save for a rainy day. There are opportunities for extra income that may not be worth it. The following is a list made by on the 10 worst ways to earn income on the side.

Filling out surveys or surfing the web
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Companies will pay people to complete surveys or visits sites online.

It may sound easy, but the companies usually pay so little that it isn't worth the time.

Also, companies usually require users to earn at least $20 before they can get paid. This could take months.

Investment Schemes
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Only a few people have managed to make money through investment schemes, but that was due to luck and the ability to contribute a large sum of money at once.

Schemes like these can include day trading and foreign currency. It's common to lose a lot of money in these deals.

Medical Testing
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Some people make money trying out new drugs or medical procedures.

The only way to make money this way is to work for more than one lab secretly.

The work doesn't pay well, and the side effects make it not worth it.

Selling plasma or organs
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Selling a kidney is illegal in the U.S.

Selling Plasma, eggs and other parts is not.

This practice doesn't pay as much as it used to, and the procedures to harvest various parts can have impacts on an individual's health.

Sign Spinner
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This job also doesn't pay as well as it used to.

Standing on a busy street to promote the local tax preparer or pizza shop for hours may not be worth the time.

Rent out your stuff
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Websites are springing up that allow people to rent out their car, parking spaces, a spare room and other items.

These sites often orchestrate short-term loans, which may mean that it might not be as lucrative as it seems.

Recycling Scrap Metal
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Collecting old cans from the trash won't even earn a person minimum wage.

An individual would have to donate something as large as a car or camper in order to make a sizable amount of money.

Unless someone has a lot of cars laying around in the trash, this might not be worth the time.

Work-at-home schemes
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There are legitimate ways of working at home, but there are scams out there that trick people who want to earn some side income.

One scam offers the chance to make money doing a task that requires buying materials from the advertisers, like stuffing envelopes or assembling crafts. The scammer will claim the work doesn't meet the requirements after the job is done.

Treasure Hunting
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Informecials will claim a metal detector is a smart investment.

The odds of finding actual treasure are slim.

Playing video games

People used to be able to find in-game items while playing video games like World of Warcraft.

These days, the market is too saturated and the value of items has dropped dramatically.