There are just some players that give the Jazz a hard time, every time. Some are all-stars that play great against every team, but then there are the guys that only play like all-stars against the Jazz. Either way, beware of the Jazz Killers. If I missed you favorite Jazz Killer let me know in the comments or email me at [email protected]

Steve Nash

Steve Nash has been killing the Jazz for years. It’s not always about the amount of points he gets, but when he decides to get those points. The Suns’ win over the Jazz in Salt Lake earlier this season is the perfect example.

Nash is one of the best at turning it on at the end of games. Jazz haven’t seen Nash in the playoffs since 2001 and Jazz fans are grateful for that.

Ray Allen

The Jazz haven’t played against Ray Allen as much since he got traded to Boston, but when on the Seattle Supersonics, Allen killed the Jazz multiple times. In 2007 Allen scored 54 points against the Jazz (his career high).

Allen is a free agent this next year, Jazz fans better hope he stays in the Eastern Conference so they only have to face him twice a year.

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki has been giving the Jazz (and the rest of the NBA) trouble for 14 seasons. In 2001 he helped the Mavericks knock the Jazz out of the playoffs in the first round. Ever since then it is not uncommon to hear “Nowitzki had 40 points last night against the Jazz.”

Matt Bonner

Matt Bonner really isn’t ever considered an “elite” player by most standards, but he has had elite nights against the Utah Jazz. Bonner's ability to hit three-pointers against the Jazz is frustrating.

This season Bonner shot 42 percent from the beyond the arc, but against the Jazz he averaged 60 percent, and that is not including the three he hit in Game 1. Will the Spurs’ big man continue to kill the Jazz in the playoffs?

Channing Frye

Over the last couple years Channing Frye has developed into a Jazz Killer. This year Frye got season highs in points (26) and 3-pointers made (5) against the Jazz.

Jazz fans, players and coaches all breathed a sign of relief when the Suns announce Fry wouldn’t play against the Jazz the second to last game of this season. Frye is only 28 and may have many years of Jazz killing ahead of him.

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom is known for killing the Jazz. Even after having a poor year, the Mavericks pulled him up from the D-League to play against the Jazz in March.

All three games he played against the Jazz this year, he made over half his field goals. Odom’s numbers always seem to improve when he plays against the Jazz, especially in the playoffs.

Linas Kleiza

The Jazz bring out the best of Linas Kleiza. This year Kleiza dropped 25 in Utah in the Raptors double-overtime victory. The next game he only scored two points.

In the 2007-2008 season Kleiza averaged 11.1 points per game, but he scored 41 against the Jazz and got a win for the Nuggets.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant has played the Jazz very well throughout his career, including knocking them out of the playoffs three times.

Even during the regular season Bryant has played well against the Jazz, it’s not uncommon for him to drop 35, 40 or even 50 points against the Jazz.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the best to ever play the game, and he killed every team he played against, but Jordan killed the Jazz when it counted, the NBA Finals.

Two years in a row Jordan and the Bulls beat out the Jazz in the Finals, and most Jazz fans still have nightmares about Game 6.

Tony Parker

Tony Parker is the latest to be added to the list of Jazz Killers. Parker has always been a handful, but in Game 1 he proved how much he can kill the Jazz.

The 6’2” point guard dropped 28 points against the Jazz on Sunday. The Jazz need to find a way to stop him or he might just drop them right out of the playoffs.