College graduates get advice at their graduation ceremonies. But are the speakers leaving something out? Here's a list of things you won't hear at your graduation ceremony, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Don't play it safe

Parents generally want what is good for their children, but that isn't always what's best.

They usually want to protect their children from pain, risk and discomfort but sometimes those things are necessary.

"It's hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed," Theodore Roosevelt.

Marry someone smarter than you

Having a spouse who is smart will make you and your family economically better.

Spending patterns will be better and so will all financial decisions.

Some of your worst times lie ahead

Graduating from college is quite the accomplishment, but there will be struggles afterward.

You will go through failures and times of great self doubt if you want to do anything worthwhile.

Your leisure time wasn't a waste
Tyler Sipe, Deseret News

Having meaningful associations with other people is one of the most important casual factors connected to happiness.

Don't make the world a worse place

Many people say you should change the world. Changing the world can be a good thing, but it can also be bad.

You don't need to cure a disease, just don't spread it.

Stop the little league arms race

Kids' sports have and are becoming so competitive. Life isn't always about running faster than someone else.

Not making the baseball team or getting accepted to a certain college won't make a person finish last in life.

An obituary will never say: "John Williams died at age the age of 85. He finished 47th."

Read obituaries

Obituaries are like biographies but not as long. They teach us about other interesting and successful people, who rarely lived linear lives.

Don't be a circus animal
Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

Circus animals get treats for performing tricks. You can do better and you should do better.

Only in your career will you be openly evaluated. Don't make all of life's decisions based on your boss's approval.

Borrowed time

Don't take anything for granted. Does the career path lead to a happy and fulfilling life in 10 or 20 years?

Don't try to be too great

Being great often involves things you can't control. The less a person tries to be great, the better chance there is it will be achieved.

If greatness isn't achieved, there's nothing wrong with being really good.