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How does a married couple spend over $27,000 on a wedding? Here's a list of what couples spent their money on for their weddings in 2011, according to TheKnot.com via Fox Business. All numbers are averages and come from TheKnot.com's Real Weddings Survey of 18,000 U.S. brides in 2011.

Overall spending rose
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For the first time in three years, wedding spending went up as fewer brides were worried about the state of the economy.

The average couple spent $27,021 on their wedding, 20 percent spent more than $30,000 and 11 percent spent more than $40,000.

The ring

The average cost of an engagement ring in 2011 was $5,130, down from $5,392 in 2010.

The ring is an obvious cost for the wedding, but the average length of time for an engagement differs by area: New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania brides had an average engagement of 16 months in 2011. Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi had an average engagement length of 12 months.

The dress
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Wedding dress spending rose from $1,099 in 2010 to $1,121 in 2011.

This may not be the biggest increase of all, but it all adds up.

Videographer and photographer
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These expenses cost $3,785 in 2011, compared to $$3,783 in 2010.

Making sure wedding memories are captured is important to many people. Iowa had the biggest average wedding size of any state, at 215 guests per wedding. Photographers and videographers in this state probably had to work really hard to get everyone in one shot.

Reception Venue
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The average wedding reception venue cost $12,116, $8 less than in 2010.

The venue for the reception accounts for a big chunk of the wedding spending. But some cities spend considerably more than others.

The average wedding cost was $65,824 in New York City, compared to just $14,203 in Virginia.

Ceremony location
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This wedding expense cost $1,599 in 2011, up from $1,393 in 2010.

Not the biggest piece of the wedding budget pie, but still a piece of the pie.

The wedding planner
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The average couple spent $1,753 on the wedding planner in 2011, $70 more than in 2010.

Formal and black-tie weddings seem to be going out of style as more couples are opting to have more casual-style weddings.

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The average couple spent $331 on invitations in 2011 and $351 in 2010.

Nevada and Hawaii had the smallest wedding sizes on average, with only 63 and 77 each. There's a good chance they spent the less than the rest of the nation on this item.

Rehearsal dinner
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Couples spent less on the rehearsal dinner, dropping from $1,127 in 2010 to $1,078 in 2010.

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This area of spending saved couples who got married in 2011 instead of 2010 $5 as the cost dropped to $217 in 2011.

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The average couple spent $4,587 on musical entertainment for their wedding in 2011. That's $103 more than in 2010.

Apparently, helping people get jiggy with it doesn't come cheap.

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Flowers and decor for a wedding can cost a pretty penny, but the cost dropped from $1,988 in 2010 to $1,894 in 2011.

Blue and purple were the colors most commonly used. Brown was used the least.

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Going from $667 in 2010 to $669 in 2011, the cost of transporting the bride, groom and family members didn't change much, still taking only a small piece of the wedding budget pie.

Let them eat cake
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Regardless of wether the couple gets to eat any of it, average wedding cake spending totalled $535 in 2011, a $5 drop from 2010.

About 67 percent of brides opted for a traditional wedding cake in 2011, but cupcakes continued to be a popular alternative for many brides.