The Deseret News and KSL empaneled a group of Republican and Democratic party delegates of varying backgrounds to help readers and viewers learn about Utah's unique political nominating process through the experience of the delegates. You can follow the delegates through our blog, our @UTDelegates Twitter feed, and in stories to be published online, in the newspaper and aired on KSL-TV and radio. Read: Deseret News/KSL delegate panel speaks out

Kristen Price

Age: 63

West Jordan

Real estate agent

Republican: "I believe in individual freedom, personal responsibility and limited government"

4th Congressional District

Daryl Acumen

Age: 41

Cedar Hills, Utah County

Digital strategy analyst for Hewlett-Packard Co.

Republican: "I'm a 'Kemp Republican' — a classic supply-sider, economic and fiscal conservative, and now a tea partier

3rd Congressional District

Judy Moore

Age: 36


Stay at home mom to 4 children under age 10; former microbiologist

Republican: Former moderate and independent; now a registered Republican, tea party sympathizer, supporter of liberty and constitutionally sound government

4th Congressional District

Kameron Simmons

Age: 17 (18 before the November election)

North Ogden

High school student

Republican: "I consider myself to be center-right. Mostly conservative, but pull to the middle on some issues."

1st Congressional District

Gil Miller

Age: 53


CPA—forensic accountant, Kaysville city councilman

Republican: Moderate conservative (have and will vote across party lines if appropriate)

2nd Congressional District

Rosemary Young

Age: 73


Secretary for Utah House during legislative sessions, former high school English teacher

Republican: "I consider myself a moderate-conservative Republican."

2nd Congressional District

Marla Howard

Age: 56

Park City

Global business analytic consultant

Democrat: Moderate, fiscally centrist. "Government should be driven for the benefit of the people by the people without creating entitlements, term limits."

1st Congressional District

Sam Johnson

Age: 21


Student, Salt Lake Community College

Democrat: Progressive American

2nd Congressional District