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American Express recently released data which divides consumers into three categories, all according to how the consumer buys. Are you a "techie," a "security buff," or a "budget boss"? Determining which personality you are in terms of finance may be just as important as determining other more traditional personality traits. Source: American Express via Daily Finance.

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These people are excited about new payment methods and will use whatever payment option is most convenient.

Weapons of choice: Smartphones, laptops, and a credit card number.

Security Buffs
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These people aren't using new systems of payment because they fear that their information may get into the wrong hands.

Weapons of choice: Credit cards, checkbooks, and cash.

Budget Bosses
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These people aren't using the new methods, but it isn't for the same reason as the security buffs. Budget Bosses fear that new and easier methods of payment will encourage them to spend more.

Weapons of choice: Debit card and cash.

Trend: More people paying online
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American Express found that 30 percent of people claim to use online payments more often today than five years ago.

Trend: Checks becoming garbage
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Compared to five years ago, 49 percent of people say they use checks less often.

Trend: Cash used more
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Cash is being used more often now than five years ago by 25 percent of consumers.

Some want new kinds of payment.
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Things like digital wallets and near field communication as payment methods are attractive to about a third of consumers.

Who should develop new payment methods?
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Over sixty percent say financial service institutions should take the lead in developing new payment methods.

That is instead of wireless providers, internet companies, and phone manufacturers.

left: PayPal's smartphone scanner. Read more.

Tracking expenses easier without cash
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Over a third of consumers agree that it is easier to track expenses when using cash is avoided.

But cash helps people spend less
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Nearly sixty percent of consumers say that using cash helps them to not spend more than intended.

Payment info on social media? Nope.

Nearly 70 percent of consumers say they would feel insecure having payment info on social media.

Online banking catching on.
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Convenience beats any security concerns for the 41 percent of consumers who prefer online banking.

Security Security Security
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Concerning new payment technology, 83 percent of consumers say security is the most important factor.

left: A twenty dollar bill under black light, showing its security strip.

Fees second most important
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Over sixty percent of consumers say fees are the second most important factor in developing new payment technology.

Digital Wallets
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What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is like a regular wallet minus physical transactions. Consumers will connect their device (a smartphone usually, but sometimes a stand alone device) to their bank account, driver's license, insurance cards, store cards, etc., and then use wireless technology to pay and do transactions.

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon plan to release their mobile payment system called ISIS into Salt Lake City his year.

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