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Smartphones can be expensive, especially considering a typical data plan costs around $30 a month. But in a lot of ways a smartphone helps consumers cut costs on other things. Here is a list of 10 ways your smartphone pays for itself, according to Kiplinger.

Use as a day planner/calendar
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Estimated Savings: $10-$35 for a paper planner (plus annual refills)

Most smartphones come with calendar and planning software, and better apps are usually free.

Because users tend to carry their phones wherever they go, their daily planners will be readily available for quick scheduling.

No need for another music player
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Estimated Savings: $50-$400 for an iPod from the Apple Store

Users can typically store the same amount of music on as smartphone as an MP3 player.

Also, there are free apps, like Pandora or YouTube, that can stream music for free.

Point-and-shoot phone
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Estimated Savings: $70-$150 for a basic point-and-shoot digital camera

In some ways, smartphone cameras have advantages over their traditional counterparts.

Mobile phone photos can be instantly shared, especially through apps like Instagram.

A replacement for a camcorder
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Estimated Savings: $150-$300 for a full HD camcorder

Though HD technology is not quite the same as a dedicated camcorder, the technology is progressing.

Smartphones are more compact and capable of sharing faster than traditional camcorders.

Bury the old landline
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Estimated Savings: $360/year on landline phone service

Why spend another $30 a month on to of a cell phone service?

With apps like Skype and Google Talk, International calls are free.

Portable alarm clock
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Estimated Savings: $10-$30 for an alarm clock radio

Mobile phones can be more portable, programmable and practical than what used to rest on the nightstand.

With tethering, a phone becomes a modem
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Estimated Savings: $30-$150+/year on home Internet service

AT&T's 5GB and Mobile Hotspot plan allows users to use their phones as a WiFi connection. It cost $600 per year, which is cheaper than paying for both internet and a data plan.

Portable Gaming Device
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Estimated Savings: $50-$250 for a handheld game console

Android and iOS owned 58 percent of the portable gaming market in 2011.

Use as a portable GPS
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Estimated Savings: $100-$250 for a portable GPS navigator

Whether its Google Maps or free navigation apps, most smartphones make a portable GPS unnecessary.

Find discounts while on-the-fly
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Estimated Savings: It's up to you

Users can find deals through apps like Coupon Sherpa and The Coupon App.

Some apps, like Gas Buddy, can help users find cheap gas.

Groupon and Living Social offer daily discounts on dining, entertainment and other activities.