Al Goldis, AP

Vehicle maintenance costs can add up. While some vehicle repairs require the work of a professional, there are others that can be done with little or no help. Some repairs don't even require tools. Here's a list of vehicle repairs and how much a person can save if he or she does it personally instead of taking it to the mechanic.

Deseret News analysis
Al Goldis, AP

The pricing of parts depends on the vehicle and different stores and auto shops have different prices.

The Deseret News used a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix for all of the parts. The pricing of parts is from Autozone. Services are based on prices from Jiffy Lube and Big O Tires.

All prices are the lowest offered at each location and sales tax is not included.

OIl change
Reed Saxon, AP

Jiffy Lube: $38.99

Personally done: $26.94

Savings: $12.05

If a person gets an oil change every three months, the savings would accumulate to $48.20 after one year.

Price for oil change assumes car needs 5 quarts of oil, with each quart costing $3.99, and $6.99 for an oil filter.

Brake pads
Brian Nicholson, Deseret News

Big O Tires: $129.95

Personally done: $41.98

Savings: $87.97

The pricing is for two front brake pads. Pricing is different for rear brake pads.

Brake rotors
Ravell Call, Deseret News

Big O Tires- $169.00

Personally done: $85.98

Savings: $83.02

Pricing is for two front rotors. The cost of two rear rotors will be different.

Blinkers, bulbs, etc.

Jiffy Lube: $8.99

Personally done: $5.99

Savings: $3.00

Windshield wiper blades
Reed Saxon, AP

Jiffy Lube: $11.99

Personally done: $10.99

Savings: $1.00

Pricing is per blade.

Serpentine (timing) belt
Nam Y. Huh, AP

Jiffy Lube: $79.99

Personally done: $31.99

Savings: $48.00

Air filter

Jiffy Lube: $13.50

Personally done: $13.99

Savings: -$0.49

This is the only item a consumer would lose money on.

Stuart Johnson, Deseret News

Jiffy Lube: $114.99

Personally done: $99.99

Savings: $15.00

Head lights

Jiffy Lube: $22.99

Personally done: $10.99

Savings: $12.00

The prices above are for one headlamp.

Tire rotation
Michael Brandy, Deseret News

Getting tires rotated every time an oil change is performed will help tires last longer and the vehicle owner won't have to get new tires as often.

When purchasing tires, consumers should check to see if the store offers free tire rotation throughout the life of the tires. Many stores do and it can make tires last much longer and save consumers money.

Store help
Phil Coale, AP

When buying a car battery, headlamp, air filter, serpentine (timing) belt, windshield wiper blade, and blinker bulbs, at Autozone or a similar store, an employee will usually help a customer install the necessary part for free if purchased at that store.

This is not the case with brake pads, brake rotors, and oil changes.

Total savings
Michael Brandy, Deseret News

Total savings: $297.70

The total savings assumes each job is done once with four oil changes in a year.

The more someone drives, the more each service will need to be done, and savings will increase.