Oded Balilty, AP

If a family's budget isn't doing too well, which isn't uncommon in this economy, here are some ideas. Here's a list of ways a stay at home parent can help save the family budget without going leaving the home to get a job, according to The Better Mom.

Set up a grocery budget
Oded Balilty, AP

Having a family budget for groceries can really help save money. Start with a specific amount and try to lower that amount by 1-3 percent each month.

Actually follow the budget for groceries
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It doesn't do a family any good to plan out a budget if they never follow it. A key to this step is leaving credit and debit cards and the check book at the house when the grocery shopping is being done.

Having only the amount needed to purchase the groceries makes self-discipline much easier.

Make a menu
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A menu makes following the grocery budget much easier. This makes a person less likely to send more money by going out to eat, and home-made meals can cost considerably less when cooked with ingredients a person already has in the house.

Stay at home more

The less someone shops, the less that person will buy. More time spent in the home enables a person to find productive things to do.

Look for "do it yourself" ideas, new recipes, and self improvement books. Being more productive will likely result in additional savings.

Have one car between both people
Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News

Only having one car between both partners in the relationship will make it easier to stay at home, and it will take away costs for gas, car repairs, and auto insurance.

Put things in the freezer
Red Huber, Orlando Sentinel

If items are on sale, they can be bought and put in the freezer. Even if they're not needed at the time of purchase, they can be used at a later date.

Buy in bulk
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Buying is almost always less expensive than other purchases. This will not only save money, but the food can be stored in the freezer and used at a later time.

it can also save gas money as less trips to the grocery store will be needed.

Don't compare yourself to other people

The grass often seems greener on the other side, but wishing to be in that person's situation doesn't help you at all.

Invite people over

Inviting neighbors and friends over can help a person learn new skills, come up with new ideas on ways to save, and find more joy and contentment in life.

Be grateful

Life doesn't always go the way people want it, but things could usually be worse. Being grateful can change a person's entire perspective on life.