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There are 8.2 million millionaires in the United States. That makes an American millionaire far from a rarity. But if it's not uncommon anymore, what path does one take to become a millionaire? What occupations do they have? What do they attribute their success to? A recent report showed statistics and data regarding these very questions, and the answers aren't always what one would expect. Sources: Daily Finance Spectrum Group Millionaire Corner

Number of millionaire households rises 2%
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The number of millionaire households in the U.S. rose 2 percent last year.

This is the third straight year that the number of millionaires has risen.

Millions of millionaires
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There are 8.2 million millionaire households in the United States.

2011 saw 200,000 more millionaires than the year before.

Managers manage to become millionaires
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Households with managers listed as their occupation make up 17% of all households with $1 to $5 million in net assets.

This may not seem too shocking, but number the next most common millionaire occupation is.

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Educators account for 12% of all millionaire households.

Shocking? Yes, but it actually makes sense. Many educators live in dual income households.

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Doctors and Dentists: 2%
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Only two percent of American millionaire household occupations are doctors and dentists.

That puts them at the seventh most likely occupation to arrive in the millionaire club.

Sr. Corporate Executive, Business Owner, Accountant
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Not especially surprising, these occupations combined account for 17 percent of millionaire household occupations.

Sr. Corporate Executives: 7%
Business Owner: 6%
Accountant: 4%

Sales Person
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Sales persons account for 4 percent of millionaire households.

Average age of millionaires: 63
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U.S. millionaires, on average, are 63 years old.

So if you aren't quite there yet, just hang on a few more decades.

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Two percent of millionaire households are home to attorneys.

Factors in Obtaining Wealth
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Hard work, education, smarts and frugality are what millionaires say it takes to get six zeros.

But there is more. And inheritance actually isn't it.

Taking Risks
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Taking risks was what 56% of millionaires said was a factor in obtaining their wealth.

Taking risks placed fifth out of eleven factors.

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Luck actually is the secret in many cases.

42 % of American millionaires say 'being in the right place at the right time" was a factor in their wealth, and 39 % said luck was a factor.

That's 3.2 million millionaires who said luck was a factor in obtaining their wealth.

Decisions Made By Financial Advisors
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Decisions made by financial advisors was a factor for obtaining wealth according to 36% of millionaires.

The moral of this story is to get the right people to handle your money.

Inheritance and Family Connection: Last
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Inheritance was a factor in becoming a millionaire for 29% of American millionaires.

But only 9% of millionaires said family connections were a factor.

These both ranked last in the list of factors for obtaining wealth, making the silver spoon not much to rely on.

Portfolio snapshot
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The Spectrum Group found that millionaires in 2011 had 56% in investable assets last year.

IRAs: 29% (22% the previous year)
Stocks and Bonds: 15% (19% the previous year)

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