What could you do with a cool $310 million? The possibilities aren't endless, but they're pretty close. Here's a list of things people could do if they win the Mega Lottery on Friday. While the lottery is worth $640 million, a one time cash payment minus taxes will leave you with $310.5 million in Idaho.

A BIG vacation

A week long vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii, costs about $2,071 for one person, including flights and the hotel room.

You could take 149,685 people with you. That translates into the cities of West Jordan and South Jordan, still having enough money for a few thousand friends.

They'd have to pay for their own food though.

Mountain View Corridor
Ravell Call, Deseret News

The state of Utah allocated about $500 million for Salt Lake County in 2009.

Mountain View Corridor will be 15 miles long in Salt Lake County alone.

That means you could pay for 9.3 miles of road construction in Salt Lake County.

Buy some buildings
Hamilton Partners Inc

The 24-story high rise office building at 136 East South Temple in Salt Lake City is on the market right now for $29.9 million.

You could buy that eight times and still have money left over.

A yacht
Ellen Creager, Detroit Free Press

A 246 ft. 2015 Rossinavi in Italy will cost you $92.76 million.

You could buy three and still have millions left over. (Note: The one you'd buy probably looks better than this one.)

Buy a sports car
Eugene Hoshiko, AP

The 2012 Lamborghini Aventador can cost as much as $376,000. Chump change. You could buy 824 if you won the Mega Lottery.

Purchase some homes
Judith Evans, St. Louis-Post Dispatch

The average house in Salt Lake City is worth $240,756. With $310 million you could buy 1,287 houses in Salt Lake City.

Your own island
Jessica Sanders

A private island in Belize could be yours for $10,000,000. You could buy 31 for that same price in different places of the world if you want.

Open an Applebee's
Mark Lennihan, AP

The total estimated cost to buy and open an Applebee's restaurant is $1 million. You could do that 310 times.

Buy some subs
Jeremy Harmon

The average cost of buying a Subway restaurant is $225,000. With $310 million, a person could buy 1,377 of those.

$5 footlongs are extra.

Go to McDonald's
David Duprey, AP

The average price to buy a McDonald's franchise is $1.05 million. You could buy 294.

A motorcycle
Jason Olson, Deseret News

An Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX is the most expensive motorcycle in the world, according to One costs $300,000. If you bought 1,033, you'd still have money left over.

Your own private airplane
Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

An Airbus can cost up to $48 million. Winning the Mega Lottery could get a person six of those with millions to spare.

Go to outer space
Brian Nicholson, OKespaÑol

It's $200,000 to go on a trip to outer space, according to You could make that trip 1,550 times.

Buy Inc...twice
George Frey, AP

Valued at $122.55 million, you could buy this company twice and still be filthy rich.

Sell out a Jazz basketball game
Julio Cortez, AP

The average ticket price at a Utah Jazz game is $85.20. With 19,911 seats, it would cost just under $1.69 million to buy all of the tickets and watch the game in the arena alone. You could do that 182 times.

Pay for someone's college debt

Recent college graduates have an average of $27,200 in debt, according to You could pay off that debt for 11,397 college graduates.

Help a family in a third world country
R. Scott Lloyd

Feeding the average sized family in Chad costs $1.23 a week, according to

The money won from the lottery could feed 4.8 million families in Chad for a whole year.

Feed a family
Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

The average cost of feeding a family in the U.S. is $342 a week and $17,784 a year,

You could feed 14,057 families for a year.