Want a low-paying job with a lot of stress? Maybe not. Here are five jobs that don't pay too great and have a lot of stress, according to Reuters via Fox Business.

News Reporter

News reporters work long hours, with small pay, come up with story leads, locate sources, and broadcast or write stories on deadline, all for a whopping median salary of $40,900.

Probation Officer
Jason Olson, Deseret News

Probation officers perform investigations on convicted criminals who have yet to be sentenced to help courts decide how far to extend sentencing. People in this line of work also have to communicate well with others, work long and strange hours. They work with people who have been sentenced to probation and come up with community-service projects for them.
Their median salary is $39,900.

Chemical-Dependency Counselor

Chemical-dependency counselors work with people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol in order to help them achieve sobriety. They have to come up with a rehabilitation plan for each person. The counselors also help friends and families of alcohol and drug addicts. The difficult job comes with a salary of $38,900.

Import/Export Agent
Julie Jacobson, AP

Working this job brings a lot of intensity, as workers have to negotiate deals with their pay based on commission. One of the work duties for this job is coordinating the distribution of goods sold and bought internationally.
The median salary for this stressful job is $36,700.

Supportive Residential Counselor
Charles Dharapak, AP

People in this field usually have to work with people with mental and emotional problems at assisted-living homes. Working nights and weekends isn't uncommon. Some job responsibilities include but are not limited to helping people bathe and use the bathroom.
People working in this profession earn a median salary of $26,900.