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KPMG LLP, the U.S. member of audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG International Cooperative, released a study on the most cost-attractive business locations among mid-sized U.S. cities. Each cost index is based on 26 cost components that vary by location. The U.S. baseline cost index of 100.0 is based on the four largest metropolitan areas, which are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas-Fort Worth. Salt Lake makes the list, so take a look at the standings to see where it falls.

13 Trenton, New Jersey
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Cost index: 101.0

The city's score reflects high labor costs compared to the other cities on the list.

12 Hartford, Conneticut
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Cost Index: 100.1

The index is high for businesses in Hartford because of a high industrial-facility lease costs, as well as high electricity costs.

11 Las Vegas, Nevada
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Cost Index: 98.7

Other than the casinos and commerce on the strip, the city is home to Zappos and Rockstar energy drinks.

10 Providence, Rhode Island
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Cost index: 98.0

This city is tied with Wilmington, Del. in cost index.

9 Wilmington, Delaware
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Cost Index: 98.0

This city tied with Providence, R.I. in cost index.

8 Buffalo, New York
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Cost index: 97.8

This city in northern New York ranked high due to its moderately low wage costs, statutory labor costs and suburban office lease costs.

7 Salt Lake City, Utah
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Cost Index: 97.2

Salt Lake is the cost leader among mid-sized cities for statutory and other employer-paid benefits. The city also has low energy costs.

6 Austin, Texas
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Cost Index: 97.0

Austin boasts the lowest natural gas costs among all the cities studied.

5 Raleigh, North Carolina
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Cost Index: 96.6

The city was able to grab the fifth place spot with favorable costs for employee benefits and sales tax.

4 Indianapolis, Indiana
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Cost Index: 96.3

Businesses enjoy low transportation costs, office leasing and statutory labor costs.

3 New Orleans, Louisiana
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Cost Index: 96.0

The survey showed that New Orleans' leasing costs are very low for downtown offices. It also has favorable effective income tax rates and low natural gas costs.

2 Nashville, Tennessee
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Cost Index: 95.7

Low costs for industrial and office leasing and cost advantages in transportation and salaries drove Nashville to the number two spot.

1 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Cost Index: 95.5

The study showed that Oklahoma City has a cost index that represents business costs 4.5 percent below the U.S. national baseline of 100.0.