Brian Nicholson, El Observador de Utah

The cost of health insurance has been rising for years and impacting families and singles across the nation. Here's a list of things people can do to make their health insurance a little less expensive, according to Your Family Finances.

Exercise more
Brian Nicholson, El Observador de Utah

The more people exercise, the less likely they are to be overweight. Being overweight can cause insurance costs to drastically increase. Increasing daily exercise is a good way to stay fit and healthy. Healthy bodies are much less likely to get sick, because they have stronger defenses.

Stay away from cigarettes
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Smoking can make a person more susceptible to diseases like cancer, emphysema, bronchitis, and many others. As a consequence, health insurance companies have higher premiums for people with this unhealthy. Staying away from cigarettes also makes one more healthy, which likely means fewer hospital visits.

Avoid alcohol

Frequently consuming large amounts of alcohol can cause a person to have health problems and diseases including liver and heart disease. People who stay away from alcohol are much less likely to get these diseases, and will experience better well-being and health.

Get together

If you and your spouse aren't paying for health insurance as a couple, find out how much it would cost. If you have health coverage through your work, your spouse might also be able to covered. But that might be more expensive than private insurance due to taxes.

Shop and compare online

There is a plethora of websites people can use to compare and contrast health coverage and cost. If people have a specific amount of money to pay upfront, you can get a plan with a high deductible. Having a high deductible plan will make premiums lower.

Have a savings account for health

Having an account specifically for future health expenses is especially good for people with high deductible plans because you may have to pay for treatment if your insurance hasn't started. There are a lot of accounts around and finding a good one isn't difficult. You can even get tax breaks for money put into these accounts.