Keith Srakocic, AP

Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are new categories this year, with models that surpass all the others in fuel economy. Hybrids and diesels continue to provide significantly better gas mileage than conventional vehicles of a similar size. All tested vehicles have an automatic transmission unless otherwise noted, according to Consumer Reports.

Nissan Leaf
Keith Srakocic, AP

This electric car gets an equivalent of 106 miles-per-gallon, beating the number two car by 45 mpg.

Chevrolet Volt

The Volt gets the second best gas mileage with 61 mpg. The plug-in hybrid is a composite of electric and gasoline operation and is the only such vehicle on the list.

Toyota Prius
Paul Sancya, AP

The Prius hybrid gets 44 mpg, making it a distant third in mileage.

Toyota Prius V
Paul Sancya, AP

Taking up the fourth spot is this hybrid vehicle, with 41 mpg.

Honda Civic Hybrid
Reed Saxon, AP

At 40 mpg, the Honda Civic Hybrid is the fifth most fuel efficient vehicle, according to Consumer Reports.