Most Americans can quote Cat in the Hat, but most didn't read books about balance sheets and Roth IRAs as a kid. Financial literacy in the U.S. is extremely low. Here's a list of children's books that can help children become more financially literate, according to

Bunny Money (Max & Ruby)

This book by Rosemary Wells, is about Max and Ruby's journey to get their Grandmother the perfect birthday gift while staying within their budget.

The Berenstain Bears' Dollars and Sense

In this book by Stan and Jan Berenstain, Brother and Sister Bear need coins to play a video game. They find ways to earn this money. The story also talks about the difference between needs and wants.

Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday

Author Judith Viorst tells a story of Alexander, who receives $1 from his grandparents. He feels pretty rich at first, but then his money starts depleting cent-by-cent.

Growing money: A Complete Investing Guide for Kids

Written by Gail Karlitz, this book is for children eight and up. This book teaches kids about compound interest, bonds, mutual funds, and how to read the finance section of a newspaper.

A Dollar For Penny

Julie Glass's book for children eight and up, readers learn about various mathematical concepts and coin values, as Penny tries to make a profit from her lemonade stand.