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Business Insider Intelligence recently released their predictions for smartphone use and business. Their predictions suggest a smartphone storm is on its way. source:Business Insider

Smartphone sales will double PC sales
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Last year, according to Business Insider, smartphone sales passed PC sales. Sales will continue to explode, doubling PC sales this year.

Smartphone sales by 2016: 1.5 billion
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Smartphone sales will exceed 1.5 billion by 2016.

Smartphone purchases will represent about two-thirds of all mobile phone purchases by that year.

PC sales only 350 million
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PC sales only hit 350 million this year.

1.7 mobile handsets (cell phones)
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1.7 billion mobile handsets, or mobile phones, were sold last year.

Currently, ten percent of mobile phones are smartphones
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Worldwide, only ten percent of mobile phones are smartphones.

Average price of a smartphone last year: $315
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Sales continue to boom despite the sometimes hefty price.

Falling prices should make the sale of smartphones explode even more.

Price decline
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Business Insider predicts that the average price of a smartphone will drop to $200 in the next few years.

$320 billion market
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Smartphones will be a $320 billion market by the year 2016.

Smartphones replace dumbphones
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Billions of "dumbphones" will be replaced by smartphones, which is the main reason why smartphone sales will continue to boom.