It seems like every season is wedding season in Utah.

Weddings can be expensive and scrimping on the big day can difficult.

To help, we've compiled a list of some practical ways you can save on your wedding, according to weddings.about.com

Trim down the guest list.

Don't invite anyone you haven't talked to in five years. This will lower the cost for catering, favors, rentals, centerpieces, and more.

Save postage on the wedding invitatiions
Mel Evans, AP

Forget about the inner envelope and blotter paper. Instead of having a reply card, ask guests to respond vial email or telephone. Doing this will decrease the money you spend on postage and on printing.

Online shopping and sample sales
Al Goldis, AP

If you're a size 6, 8, or 10, then sample sales, which typically happen once a year, can help you get a designer dress for a very low price. Online websites such as eBay and Craigslist may have deals on wedding dresses.

Change the day
Eli Lucero, Deseret News

Having the wedding on a weeknight, instead of a weekend, is less expensive because there is less demand. As a consequence, vendors will often provide a discounted rate.

Save money on church decorations

For religious weddings, having your wedding close to a major holiday is a good idea, because the church will already be decorated. Otherwise, make things simple. A candlelit ceremony is inexpensive and can be romantic.

Learn to ask for help

Pooling resources from friends and family can save a good deal of money. Think of people you know who are musicians, or crafty who can help you put things together. People will usually be honored to participate in your wedding. Also, be sure to ask people how they saved money on their wedding.

Do it yourself
Live Collins Photography, AP

Have a party where your friends and family can help you make centerpieces, invitations, and other inexpensive essentials. Don't forget to have music and snacks so they feel like they're at a party.

Cheap food and drink
John Spivey, AP

Tell the caterer up front about the need to save money. Find out what the least expensive meals are and if a buffet is cheaper.

Use the Internet

Various websites like eBay, KSL, and Craigslist, have dresses, ring pillows, cake toppers, and more. Just be sure to find sellers with positive feedback so you don't get scammed.

Inexpensive invitations are the way to go
Corey Lowenstein, Raleigh News and Observer

Regular print works just as well as engraved print and it's cheaper. There's a plethora of websites that offer inexpensive wedding invitations.