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A recent study revealed that Apple's iPad is being accepted as a member of the family in a number of ways. With the third version soon to be released, this trend is probably still on the rise. See what parents think of the iPad. Source: iYogi Insights

33 percent of parents approve of kids having an iPad
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33 percent of parents have bought or are willing to buy an iPad for their kids.

It's okay to use the iPad to keep kids out of hair.
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57 percent of parents say it is fine to use the iPad to keep kids occupied.

Games and eBook downloads: parents fork out
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80 percent of parents are willing to fund game and ebook downloads for their children.

iPad as a homework tool
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92 percent of parents approve of the iPad as a homework tool.

"iPad parent's" kids do well in school
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Of the 92 percent of parents who approve of iPad use for homework, 88 percent have kids who do well in school.

Less friends because of an iPad?
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34 percent of parents who are unwilling to buy their child an iPad think owning one could mean less friends.

Two hours a day? That's okay.
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Most parents are willing to let their kids spend two hours a day on their iPad.

If not an iPad...
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88 percent of parents unwilling to buy their kids an iPad are willing to get them another device.