Photo Credit: Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc.

Utah's ties to China are strong and varied. Not only is economic cooperation booming, but China is intertwined in many aspects of Utah. Here is a quick look at how the Beehive State is embracing the dragon. Source: U.S. Census and World Trade Center Utah

Utah's Exports to China: 2011
Photo Credit: Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc.

$4.3 billion

(Total Utah exports:$18.9 billion)

Left: Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc.'s facility in Ningbo, China.

Orbit is based in North Salt Lake.

Utah's 2010-2011 export growth (to China):
Chinese New Year celebrated in Salt Lake City Photo credit: The Deseret News

Exports rose to $4.3 billion from $1.5 billion in 2010.

Chinese cities with more than 10 million people:
Shanghai Photo credit: Associated Press

52 cities

There are 300 Chinese cities with more than 1 million people.

China is not just great for manufacturing. With booming urban growth, other countries around the world are looking to sell their goods in China.

Here are some Utah government officials who speak Manadarin:
Jon Hunstman as ambassador to China. Photo credit: The Deseret News

Former Governor Jon Huntsman.

Mike Winder, Mayor of West Valley City:

John Curtis, Mayor of Provo

Percentage of Utah dual immersion schools emphasizing Mandarin Chinese:
Foothills Elementary, Riverton. Only Mandarin during class. Photo credit: The Deseret News

31 percent (25 out of 80)

Utah Population
Photo credit: The Deseret News

3 million

Despite its small size, Utah may have an advantage when it comes to developing Chinese ties, considering the large number of Chinese speaking returned missionaries, among other factors.

Utah's 2007-2011 export growth:
Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc. Photo Credit: The Deseret News

786 percent

Left: Orbit Irrigation Products Inc. distributes some of its products through a Chinese retailer called Sorara Outdoor Living LTD manufactured in China.

Utah's Export Business
Photo credit: The Deseret News

According to, there are 2,887 Utah companies who export, and over 90,000 Utah jobs created from exporting.

Left: IM Flash Technologies facility in Lehi, Utah