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Mitt Romney's Super Pac called Restore Our Future has some serious financial muscle behind it. Here are some of the big names. Source:

Edward Conard
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Donated: $1 million

He is the former managing director of Bain Capital.

Frank VanderSloot and affiliates
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donated: $1 million

A billionaire who has a wellness-and household-products company called Melaleuca, Inc. based in Idaho Falls.

Richard E. Marriott and J.W. Marriott Jr.
J.W. Marriott, left, with former first lady Laura Bush and Utah Governer Gary Herbert Photo Credit: Deseret News

Donated: $500,000 each

Robert Mercer

Donated: $1 million

Co-Executive at one of the world's largest hedge funds, Renaissance Technologies.

Eli Publishing
Steve Lund Photo Credit: Deseret News

Donated: $1 million says that this organization is connected to Nu Skin executive Steve Lund.

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Nu Skin building, downtown Provo Photo Credit: Deseret News

Donated: $1 million

According to, F8 LLC shares a Provo, Utah address with Eli Publishing, another million dollar donor.

Both companies are connected to Nu Skin.

John Paulson
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Donated: $1 million

A hedge fund guru, Paulson is the 18th richest person in the country, according to Forbes.

Bob Perry
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Donated: $1 million

Bob Perry was the donor behind "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" that attacked John Kerry for supposedly exaggerating his military service, according to

He is a Texas home builder.

Julian Robertson
Julian Robertson, Jr., left Photo Credit: Associated Press

Donated: $1 million

Robertson is a retired executive of Tiger Management, LLC, a successful hedge fund.

Rooney Holdings, Inc.
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Donated: $1 million

Chaired by Francis Rooney, former U.S. ambassador.

Paul Singer
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Donated: $1 million

Singer heads Elliot Management Corp.