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Salt Lake City-based advertising and marketing company Richter7 took a look at the million dollar commercials that appeared during Sunday night's Super Bowl. “The Super Bowl has remained a beacon for companies to introduce their most innovative, top-notch, creative and entertaining ads and campaigns to the largest television audience of the year,” said Scott Rockwood, Richter7 CEO. “However, something new we are beginning to see is companies creating controversy, whether intentional or not, through the ad content either by generating buzz before, or even submitting ads they know may not get approved.” The commercials were all reviewed and critiqued by Richter7 employees. Employees put the commercials into categories during the company's 17th annual Ad Bowl.

Most Valuable Ad Award
Chevy via YouTube

Chevrolet Silverado – 2012

Best Low Budget Award
Doritos via YouTube

Doritos – Man’s Best Friend

Celebrity Sack Award
Pepsi via YouTube

Pepsi – King’s Court

Championship Chuckle Award
Chevy via YouTube

Chevrolet – Happy Grad

Illegal Use of $$$$ Award
Coke via YouTube

Coca-Cola – Superstition

Creative Fumble Award
Xfinity via YouTube

Xfinity – Fastest House

Should Have Punted Award via YouTube

Go Daddy – Cloud