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Advertisers are flexing their creative muscles again for the Super Bowl, and bringing in some big names. Here are some ads you'll want to watch.

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Last year it was a kid dressed as Darth Vader who believes he used the force to start a car.

This year, the VW commercial will feature an overweight Australian Shepherd and St. Bernard mix, and a surprise ending.

Acura: Jerry Seinfield
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Jerry Seinfield makes a comical appearance in this commercial for Acura.

Coca Cola
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Coca Cola is bringing back the Polar Bears.

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A French bulldog puts on Skechers shoes and races greyhounds.

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Toyota has reinvented the Camry in their commercial. They also show additional "reinventions" including anti-burglar plants and pizza curtains.

Audi: Vampires
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Vampires invade the commercial space in this advertisement for Audi.

Chevy Happy Grad
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A recent graduate thinks that he has received a Chevrolet convertible.

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An older gentleman's heart stops, and this car gets his heart beating again.

Honda: Bueller?
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Ferris Bueller returns in the Honda CR-V commercial.

Kraft - BelVita
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This ad is for a new "safe" breakfast biscuit. It depicts two quiet-town policeman at work.