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There is a personal finance app for everyone. Many have similar features, but most finance apps have some unique characteristics. This list should help you see which one fits you best.

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This is an up and coming mobile finance management company out of Provo.
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The program/app not only keeps track of your budget, but offers classes and other instruction on how to do so.

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This is online banking system and app is meant for everyone, from financial institutions to families.
In fact, many banking institutions use MoneyDesktop.
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The program/app is probably the most popular personal finance app, and has been positively mentioned by the New York Times and ABC News.
It has six million users, and is free.

Pageonce Money and Bills
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Not only track your finances, but receive reminders for bills due, and monitor card accounts.
Add an unlimited number of accounts.

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager
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Manage your entire portfolio with this app. Import holdings from more than 60 brokerages.

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The nice thing about this finance app is that everything you add or update in it is immediately saved to a cloud service.
And its free.

Debt Tracker Pro
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Input loan information and manage your payoff plan. This app also gives you "what if" scenarios to help you wipe away debt more efficiently.

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This app allows you to track every transaction for every account. It also gives you reports which can be emailed or put on Excel spreadsheets.

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A top rated app that also has a convenient currency converter.

Ace Budget
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Make your budget and put in all your transactions. This app allows for different categories and notes to help you feel on top of your finances.

Home Budget with Family Sync
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This app allows multiple devices in a household to sync their budgets together to form a single budget.

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Another top rated finance app, iReconcile gives you daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly budget tracking.

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This personal finance app comes with free cloud backup service so your transactions are backed up.