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Utah’s David Collette played 19 productive minutes in the Pac-12 basketball tournament, despite a badly sprained ankle. “I’m not sitting out my senior year in the Pac-12 Tournament,” he told media after the loss to Oregon. “It’s just not going to happen.” Playing in the NCAA tourney? That’s not going to happen either.

Ravell Call

Collette joked afterward about wanting to smack himself in the mouth to redirect the pain from his ankle.

In a way, didn’t Oregon already do that?

Ravell Call

Utah State, Utah, BYU, Southern Utah, Utah Valley and Weber State all missed the NCAA Tournament.

Since Sunday, lawmakers allegedly have been looking into changing the state slogan from “Life Elevated” to “The Land that Time Forgot.”

Nora Ismail

WalletHub.com rates Salt Lake City the sixth-best “midsized” city in America to be a college basketball fan, while Provo ranks eighth.

Clearly this website is in no way affiliated with the NCAA selection committee.

Ravell Call

BYU coach Dave Rose said after losing in the WCC Tournament, “we’re on a trajectory to where we are going to get better and better … and compete for championships in this league.”

Just wondering, would that trajectory have anything to do with Gonzaga leaving for the Mountain West?

Jeffrey D. Allred

After Real Salt Lake lost its home opener 5-1 on Saturday, coach Mike Petke was even more open than usual.

“A lot of places in the world I’d either be fired or I’d resign,” Petke said.

Forgive Petke for the hyperbole. He’s a New Yorker and grew up on George Steinbrenner.


Western Kentucky coach Rick Stansbury prefaced his answer to a female sideline reporter with “Honey …”

This happened on International Women’s Day.

To which she should have replied, “Son, I’m asking you a question.”


Spurs coach Gregg Popovich says neither he nor Golden State’s Steve Kerr is an ideal candidate for the Oval Office.

“Both of us realize that we’re not built or qualified for such an office, nor do we desire it,” Popovich told the Mercury News.

Since when did qualifications have anything to do with it?


A 106-year-old competitive cyclist in France has been cautioned by his doctor to limit his exercise to a stationary bike.

So far his only concession to age has been habitually driving down the road signaling left.


From late night host Conan O’Brien: “Pizza Hut introduced a pair of athletic shoes that have a button that orders pizza. When they heard about it, fans of Pizza Hut said, “What are athletic shoes?”