Utah is far from being left behind as we enter this new digital age. Check out some top rated apps that were developed here in Utah.

Infinity Blade

Winner of the 2011 Apple Design Award, this is a fantasy quest game in incredible 3-D graphics, complete battles, spells, and player progression. Made by Chair Entertainment Group, which is based in Salt Lake.

Magic Coke Bottle

Welikesmall in Salt Lake partnered with a company in Amsterdam to make this app, which is like a magic 8 ball.
The app has been downloaded over 650,000 times across the world.

ABC Player

ABC called upon Lehi company Protoven to create an app that streams ABC's shows on an ipad.

Bubble Ball
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A physics puzzle game with unique characteristics that rivals angry birds as a top free app.
According to CNN, it was coded by Robert Nay, a 14-year-old from Spanish Fork, Utah. The game challenges players to use objects and gravity to guide a ball to its destination.

Pro Pay
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This is an app for ProPay account holders with a compatible card reader. It allows you to process your credit and debit cards from your phone.
ProPay has its corporate office in Lehi, UT.

Ootunes for ipad. Photo Credit:

A top rated radio streaming app.
A new feature: Radio RooLette. Let the app choose your music for you.

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A task manager that is especially useful for group projects. Coordinate and communicate instantly about a particular task.
Attask is based in Lehi.

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A task manager app, Tasktick allows you to easily coordinate between multiple lists, and allows you to have a hotlist, showing the most relevant things you need to do.
It was created by Mokinetworks, based in Lehi.

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Featured on BCC's 'Click', App Store Essentials, Wired, Gizmodo, Macworld 4/5, BestAppEver Award Winners, 2Do is meant to be anyone's task manager, no matter how big or small the projects.
Sync tasks through a variety of mediums, like Dropbox, Yahoo! Calender, and even Siri.
It was created by Guided Ways Technologies Ltd.

Skull Candy App

Created by Rain out of American Fork, UT, this app not only serves as a music hub, but as a navigator for outdoor sports enthusiasts, and weather data app.