BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe said at his semiannual roundtable with media members that Ty Detmer is not with the program, but still under contract for a year.

Holmoe called Detmer possibly “the most beloved BYU football player ever.”

Steve Young is thinking, “OK. Super Bowl ring count.”


Holmoe continued, “Ty will always be a huge part of our program.”

Hopefully it’s the part that won the Heisman, not the part that couldn’t score a touchdown.


“We’re not looking right now to get into another league,” Holmoe said.

Translation: They’re not looking right now to get into another mid-major league.


On continuing the rivalry with Utah, Holmoe said, “Chris (Hill, Utah A.D.) wants to play.”

All Holmoe has to do now is ask Larry and Kyle if they can come over to his house and play too.


Kobe Bryant has been nominated for an Oscar in Best Animated Short Film. “Dear Basketball” is based on a farewell letter he wrote to the game in 2015 as he neared retirement.

“And ultimately you have to let go of the thing that you love the most for years and years and years and you have to move on,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “How do you come to terms with that?"

Does $680 million in career earnings help?


Former Browns coach Mike Pettine told that after leaving the mess in Cleveland, he temporarily couldn’t “smell smells and see colors.”

Considering the Browns’ color scheme, he’s not the only one.


Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell hasn’t been invited to the All-Star Weekend’s dunk contest.

That doesn’t surprise him, he told media members.

Said Mitchell: “I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be in it.”

Followed by a feeling he might windmill dunk Adam Silver into the broom closet.


Eagles tackle Fletcher Cox told the media he doesn’t have a favorite Super Bowl memory because “I don’t watch sports.”

Please induct this man into the Truth Hall of Fame.


Dwight Perry, Seattle Times, on the Jazz’s Rodney Hood slapping a cellphone out of a fan’s hands, drawing a $35,000 fine: “And you thought your teenager’s last Verizon bill was expensive?”


"Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon: “Pizza Hut says if either team beats the record for the fastest touchdown in the Super Bowl, it’s giving away free pizza to people in its loyalty program. The only downside is you have to tell people that you’re in the Pizza Hut loyalty program.”