Brigham Young University is the second most popular national university in the United States, according to 2012 rankings released by U.S. News and World Report, bringing its two-year streak at No. 1 to an end.

The rankings are based mostly on the school's yield — the percentage of applicants accepted who end up enrolling at that institution in the fall, as reported by U.S. News. For fall semester 2011, BYU fell short to Harvard University by .8 percent.

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Students accepted: 2,205
First year enrollment: 1,664
Yield: 75.5%

Brigham Young University - Provo, Provo, Utah

Students accepted: 7,020
First year enrollment: 5,245
Yield: 74.7%

Stanford University, Stanford, California

Students accepted: 2,340
First year enrollment: 1,674
Yield: 71.5%

Yeshiva University, New York, New York

Students accepted: 1,223
First year enrollment: 865
Yield: 70.7%

University of Alaska - Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska

Students accepted: 1,547
First year enrollment: 1,077
Yield: 69.6%

University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska

Students accepted: 6,089
First year enrollment: 4,075
Yield: 66.9%

Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia

Students accepted: 5,493
First year enrollment: 3,622
Yield: 65.9%

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Students accepted: 2,039
First year enrollment: 1,344
Yield: 65.9%

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Students accepted: 1,676
First year enrollment: 1,067
Yield: 63.7%

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Students accepted: 3,841
First year enrollment: 2,410
Yield: 62.7%