Jordan Burke, Deseret News

The following is a list of products we found unique or interesting at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. This list is in no way comprehensive and really only scratches the surface of the offerings at the expo.

A litter box for humans
Jordan Burke, Deseret News

Chen Bang's portable toilet system uses salts to turn any liquid into a solid. Its the perfect solution to a potty training child, the Ningbo, China-based company said. Compared to other bucket options, their product collapses to a few inches thick and can hold more than 660 pounds. The product sells for about US$40 in Australia and comes with 12 salt packets that you dump. The company doesn't distribute in the U.S. yet and is looking for local partners.

Snow sled, fighter pilot style
Jordan Burke, Deseret News

This winter sled for kids will let them live their inner fighter pilot. You drive the sled using the onboard joystick. Pulling up forces weight on the rear where a edge will dig into the store. The sled costs $9, Jianhua Huang said through a translator at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show. It is made by China-based Fuzhou Zhongyuang Plastic Co.

Piggyback pack
Joey Ferguson, Deseret News

Piggyback pack believes that trips shouldn't be curtailed because kids sometimes can't handle the strain.

Selk Bag
Joey Ferguson, Deseret News

Originating from Santiago Chile, Selk Bag is a sleeping bag suit. The company has offices in San Diego for its U.S. operations.

PacSafe's anti-theft protection
Michael Richardson

Never worry about leaving a bag unattended. Just envelope it in this anti-theft wire.

Full body protection from G-Form
Michael Richardson

Just try and hurt yourself while wearing this.

Pacsafe, your backback is now a safe
Michael Richardson

There is literally a removable mesh wire lockable bag built into this backpack.

BaroCook by DOKDO Co.
Brenna Carreon

DOKDO Co. is a Koren company who has created BaroCook. These containers allow food to be cooked without electricity, gas or fire. Food will cook in the BaroCook containers by using a heating packet and some water.

Hoka OneOne running shoes
Brenna Carreon

Hoka OneOne running shoes use an oversized midsole, in comparison to other running shoes, to allow running to feel natural. The sole of the shoe is also wider to provide stability.

5 O'Clock Shadow
Brenna Carreon

5 O'Clock Shadow creates knitted face masks designed to look like a beard. All of the masks are currently made by hand. The back of the mask is cotton and polyester. It also contains two elastic straps to help keep the mask on the face.

Snow Paws
Brenna Carreon

Snow Paws are created for kids by Redfeather Snowshoes. The snowshoes are shaped like a bear paw and create a paw print in the snow when used.

Ninja Suits

Portland-based Ninja Suits is long underwear with a hood and monkey hands. In Utah, the long underwear can be purchased at a list of retailers, including Milosport.

Kahtoola's Micro Spikes

Alexis Baca-Spry, walks on ice with Kahtoola's Micro Spikes, at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Expo on Friday.

Toddler climbing equipment

Edelrid, displays its rock climbing shoes and harness for toddlers at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Expo on Friday.

100 percent natural sweaters for dogs

Are dogs concerned about going organic? Decatur, GA-based Aussie Naturals displays its 100 percent natural sweaters for dogs at the Outdoor Retailer Expo on Friday.

Dog games

Kyjen, based in Centennial, CO. displays its games for dogs at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Expo on Friday.

3D backpacks

Phoenix, AZ-based MadPax displays its 3D backpacks at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Expo on Friday.