There is an app for everything, or so the saying goes. What about apps that make family life easier? Here are ten.

Gas Cubby

After your house, the car is probably the second most expensive possession. That’s why Gas Cubby can serve a vital role, storing your vehicle data, tracking your gas mileage, gas expenses, and service needs. Get the free version, or pay for a version without ads.
-CNN top ten best iPhone Apps for dad.
-stores vehicle data
-provides easy to read graphs about your car's health.


An all-encompassing family planner app, complete with grocery lists, calenders, and even a family journal. You even color code by family member. Parents Magazine, the Wall Street Journal,and Better Homes and Gardens all approve of this free app.

Pocket First Aid and CPR from the American Heart Association

Your life is more valuable than anything, which is why the Pocket first Aid app may be the most practical app to purchase. It provides a directory of CPR and First Aid instructions, along with videos, and provides a medical profile section for you to store you and your family’s health information in case of emergency.
Trapped in a collapsed hotel in Haiti, a man used this app to treat his own wounds, possibly saving his life. Worth $3.99?

Tide Stain Brain

A grape juice stain. Do I blot it or soak it, and which solution should I use? Tide Stain Brain can preserve the appearance of your family's clothes.

Photo 365

Take pictures that automatically go to a photo journal. An easy way to keep a visual record of your family's history.

Open Table

Perfect for mom and dad's last minute getaway, this app allows you to make instant reservations at your restaurant of choice. And it is free! Dinner Spinner Pro

This should provide some needed inspiration for mealtimes, when meal-planning becomes drudgery. Just select the ingredients you have and a list of recipes come up.

-view rankings of recipes from the website.
-When you choose a recipe, Dinner Spinner creates a shopping list for you.
-change serving sizes, and ingredients and shopping lists automatically update.
-$2.99, or there is a free version.
-available on other devices.

Shopping List

Not only will you never lose your shopping list, you can sync your lists with other lists, and have multiple lists organized. A no-brainer for the household shopper.


Hectic family schedules don't often allow for leisurely reading. Instapaper can help you find the time. See an article you want to read, download it from your computer or mobile device with instapaper, and it goes to your device for later reading, even if you don't have internet later. Save up to 500 articles.


A practical app that you will use often, especially for family trips.